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Vaporesso OSMALL 2 - The 2nd Generation of Vaporesso OSMALL

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by Elegomall, Jun 21, 2022.

  1. Elegomall

    Elegomall Seriously Committed Vendor

    let's welcome the 2nd generation of Vaporesso OSMALL - OSMALL 2, an MTL pod system providing high nicotine satisfaction and extending the longevity of usage.

    OSMALL 2 is fully compatible with the original OSMALL pod. The SSS Leak-Resistant Technology and 29% bigger battery capacity guarantee a clean and longer vaping experience. And the metallic painted cover comes with the water ripple design enabling an elegant and playable tiny thing in your palm.


    Main Features:
    1. New OSMALL 2 Cartridge, compatible with original OSMALL Cartridge
    2. 1.2Ω built-in Coil satisfies the needs of nicotine and abundant flavor
    3. Metallic painted cover & water ripple design creates a fancy atmosphere & cozy touch

    Packing list:
    1 x VAPORESSO OSMALL 2 Battery
    1 x Type-C USB Cable
    1 x User Manual
    1 x Warranty Card

    Vaporesso OSMALL 2 vs Vaporesso OSMALL

    Which one do you prefer?

    Learn More:
    Vaporesso OSMALL 2

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