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Tracking for Overseas

Discussion in 'Vape Mail' started by Bigdaddybrink1, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. Bigdaddybrink1

    Bigdaddybrink1 Recovering Alcoholic blip

  2. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    Thanks for posting another useful site Bigdaddy. I tried it with an order that I'm currently waiting on from fasttech (my first) that was shipped via China Post / USPS and it did locate it but it took significantly longer than the USPS site does.

    It is also kind of hard for me read because of the color scheme, but for other company's or even combinations with USPS it may be really useful for people.
  3. Bigdaddybrink1

    Bigdaddybrink1 Recovering Alcoholic blip

    not a problem. it does take a bit longer, however remember its searching globally for a tracking number.
    you dont HAVE to know it. this works really good with amazon.

    i too have my first order from fasttech coming. taking FOREVER!!!!
  4. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    I planned really well for my first fasttech order and paid attention to some of the tips. I made sure that everything I ordered showed that it was either in stock or shipped next day. With that the "Ships next day" turned into "Picking up on April 2nd" when I placed my order on March 30.

    They did start preparing it for shipping on the second though, but it took a couple of days to actually leave fasttech. I found it interesting that they attached a photo of the package to my order. Never seen that before and it was interesting. Looks like there may be a heck of a lot of tape on mine :lol:

    Shipped it via China Post. It took a couple days to clear it's way through the Chicago ISC but according to tracking, it looks like it should get delivered on Monday.
  5. Bigdaddybrink1

    Bigdaddybrink1 Recovering Alcoholic blip

    Same here!! Awesomeness. I'm excited!
    I tried that next deal. Then I checked it was then more days out. Oh well i cancelled. Meh refunded quickly so that was good.
  6. Bigdaddybrink1

    Bigdaddybrink1 Recovering Alcoholic blip

    I got my order from fasttech today. It came within 2 weeks-ish. I'm pretty happy with it. I ordered the cloupour for the mrs. She loves it!!
  7. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    Mine actually got delivered on Saturday, so that was nice. Just a hair over 2 weeks, so I think that following the rule of instock/ships next day appears to work pretty well.
  8. Midniteoyl

    Midniteoyl Seriously Committed

    Malwarebytes blocked a Malicious Site 'alipromo.com' when I visited that page...
  9. moecat

    moecat No sodding blips to give

    Alibaba pop-up ad?
  10. Midniteoyl

    Midniteoyl Seriously Committed

    Dunno.. Dont have a problem with alibaba normally..
  11. Roguexx

    Roguexx blippy blipperson

    Thank you for this. The epacket I was using doesn't update. My wife's new ecig should be here either today or Tom
  12. Bigdaddybrink1

    Bigdaddybrink1 Recovering Alcoholic blip

    Its a Russian site...... Idk