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Tobacco mixers?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by tierrataz, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. tierrataz

    tierrataz New Member

    Any here?
  2. glassgrl

    glassgrl Blippertigibbit

    Just in spells for me. I like them kinda sweet and light mostly. I have a honey fig tobacco recipe or INW Gold Ducat by itself.
  3. tierrataz

    tierrataz New Member


    I'm more of a woody/herbal/not sweet tab mixer. It's a tough category. Fig sounds intriguing. What brand do you use?
  4. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    @Vash has recently started selling some of the NET's that he uses for his www.ethervapes.com juices if you are looking for some NET to use.
  5. Vash

    Vash More than a blip! Vendor

    I have few different NET extracts for sale here on forum and we may at somepoint start selling some on site :)

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  6. Sdh

    Sdh New Member

    I use Hangsen and Inawera tobacco flavorings. I do like the Inawera TAs.
  7. glassgrl

    glassgrl Blippertigibbit

    Lately German Flavours Fig. I was using a mix of Capella and FA, one being too ripe (CA) and the other being too green (FA) but with the concentrations being so far apart it was a PITA getting it just right.
  8. tierrataz

    tierrataz New Member

    Thanks InMyImage & Vash. After respiratory issues with NETS, I had to leave them alone.

    Yes Sdh, those are good flavor houses. For absolute, I adore Samara's Rustica.

    German Flavors, huh. Vaperstek?
  9. glassgrl

    glassgrl Blippertigibbit

    That's the only place I know to get them. Shipping from Germany is just stupid expensive. No idea why.
  10. tierrataz

    tierrataz New Member

    Anyone tried Decadent Vapours? They have 2 tabs that sound interesting for my pallet, Havana Cigar & Gaelic Pipe. Google fu failed me for reviews.
  11. Sdh

    Sdh New Member

    I think @Jimi D may have tried DV. IDK but I'm thinking so. Havana sounds really interesting. I love Inawera Cuban cigar TA.
  12. Jimi D

    Jimi D Active Member

    Yep. I have tried a couple of their tobaccos. Habana Reserve was my second flavor that I vaped back in 2010. I loved that stuff. I think you'll enjoy them.