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Squonk pins, bottles, tubing, etc.

Discussion in 'All Things Squonk' started by TheWestPole, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. TheWestPole

    TheWestPole A hit on Mr. Mitty

    I keep the thread ring on and do a bunch of straight snips with your typical vape snipper. :)

  2. dubya

    dubya Blissfully bewildered billet box blip

    @TheWestPole , I have swapped out the bottles in 6 mods with Hcigar bottles, all fitting and performing beautifully. NO LEAKS!!!!! Thanks so much for the recommendation. Currently in 2x pulse, Nikola Niagara, Arctic Dolphin, Armageddon, and Athena. I left the Hcigar bottle in the Hcigar VT inbox :rolleyes::p
    I needed some longer tubing in a few also, so thanks for that as well. I found like 3 feet for $2 :)
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  3. TheWestPole

    TheWestPole A hit on Mr. Mitty

    Great to hear, Ryan. They're finding their way into more of my mods too, all 100% leak free. Ah, the simple pleasures. :)
  4. Diescum88

    Diescum88 Seriously Committed

    Was going nuts for a few days trying to find a replacement one for my coppervape v1 since I can't seem to find the rebuild kits anymore and fasttech only has the v2's

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  5. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    Hey Diescum88, how the heck are ya? The only member I think might be able to help you on that would be @dubya he may have some extras. If you ever feel like chatting come on over to the Alternate Universe. We'd love to see you again.