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Please Update Your Contact Info - Just In Case...

Discussion in 'Update Contact Info' started by ghost62, Jul 20, 2017.

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  1. SteveS45

    SteveS45 Blip, Blippit, Blip Blip.................

    Leave it to @jj2 to have a backup already in place! Account created (Same Username) and hoping VB doesn't just become a Blip.............
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  2. ghost62

    ghost62 Goes Blip In The Night Staff Member Moderator Vendor Safe Zone Moderator

    Good news!
    It took some doing but I was able to confirm some info about our hosting/domain registration etc...

    The forum software (Xenforo) is an unlimited license so no need to ever renew. :thumb:
    Our hosting and domain registration is paid up for the next 33 months!!! Woo Hoo!!! :banana:
    Bill set it as part of a five year plan with another domain he has.

    Basically, we're good for almost three more years!!!
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  3. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    Very sorry to everyone for the uncertainty I created. As @ghost62 mentioned I have been dealing with a lot of personal issues that ended up turning me more into a hermit than is normal for me, which was pretty much a hermit to begin with.

    As he mentioned, the domain is paid for long into the future, however the hosting is not. If necessary for financial reasons, I can change our hosting plan to something more economical, but would prefer to keep it at the level it is now so that the performance stays up to a level that everyone is used to.

    Note that I have no intentions to let VB die until it is pried from my cold dead hands!!!

    VB was never intended to be a for profit venture and for a long time now the support from the first donation drive was sufficient to maintain us. I know that a lot of members love being here and have no problem kicking in a small amount every year or two to help keep it alive and kicking and have no expectation of that changing anytime in the future.

    Again, sorry my personal issues created some concern about the future but I love the forum to much to ever let it fade into nothingness.
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  4. ghost62

    ghost62 Goes Blip In The Night Staff Member Moderator Vendor Safe Zone Moderator

    Glad to have you back!
    Sounds like our host told me what I wanted to hear to shut me up! I was being quite persistent! ;) They were very reluctant to share anything with me at all.
    Probably explains why they reached out to you.
  5. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    I'll be sure to add @ghost62 as a contact with our hosting company to help alleviate any future issues if I can't handle being around again in the future.

    Also, I'm going to scrub this thread of e-mail addresses so that they are not available to vendors to crawl and start spamming people.

    I currently have the ability to modify e-mail addresses turned off because of some early issues so if you need your email changed please let ghost or me know so that we can change it in the system for you. I will look into setting something up that generates a report that can be pulled and sent to us automatically so that we have contact info in case there are any issues in the future.
  6. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

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