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Please help

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by suferaks1, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. suferaks1

    suferaks1 New Member

    Im a fairly new vaper I just beat testicular cancer and I have always wanted to quit smoking cigs since ive been smoking them for 20 years. Its very sad it had to come to getting cancer to finally quit. The day I picked up my first mod I haven’t had a cig in 7 months and one day i plan not to smoke anything period for my wife and son because they are my world. So my voopoo a-1 got jacked from me a day before my b-day and thats all I knew about vaping was that mod. For My B-day my wife bought me a VP Drag 2, it was a lot different to get used to for some reason so I decided to get a diff coil the dude recommended the FatMax X2 mech .2 ohms 40-80 double barreled and I just cant seem to find the right setting. On my other mod I usually just got a triple.15 ohms 60-120 W and set it on around 90W and never had trouble but it’s weird im following the ohms on this coil and puffing around 70W and im still getting a burnt taste, my last mod was kind of sentimental to me and I just want to some how get the same kind of tokes, which is I like to taste it and I like the biggest clouds possible right in the middle please somebody help me on how to start out so I can eventually get to where Im looking for Thank You
  2. daleron

    daleron Just a lurking Blip

    Welcome and congratulations suferaks1 :)
    I can’t help but wanted to acknowledge your post, I’m sure someone will be along shortly.
  3. ghost62

    ghost62 Goes Blip In The Night Staff Member Moderator Vendor Safe Zone Moderator

    I actually run a vape shop (have now for 5 years) and I'm not sure exactly what you mean by FatMax X2 mech.
    Can you post some pics and maybe we can figure out what's up?
    Oh yeah, welcome to the forum ;)
  4. dubya

    dubya Blissfully bewildered billet box blip

    Congrats, and welcome. And yes, some pic's would be helpful, I'm not sure what you mean either.
  5. Glam

    Glam Technically challenged beach blip.

    Very nice of you guys to try and help this vaper. I do hope he comes back and learns from our long termed vapers.