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Orchid modifications

Discussion in 'Atomizers and Rebuildables' started by Eric DeCastro, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. Eric DeCastro

    Eric DeCastro More than a blip!

    I'll start, here is my orchid base that I drilled the air holes out to 2.6mm and milled the juice channels out.
  2. Eric DeCastro

    Eric DeCastro More than a blip!

  3. Eric DeCastro

    Eric DeCastro More than a blip!

    here is my second orchid Base that I milled out. I really dug into the horisontal channels to get more use of the milled out vertical channels. I'll build this one up this week (maybe tonight) and see how it chain vapes. I can already seeing me go through 50mL of juice every half week. lol
  4. Diescum88

    Diescum88 Seriously Committed

    Looks good :) I gotta finish mine, been sitting on the desk waiting to be finished