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Modified kangertech's Subtank juice channels

Discussion in 'Atomizers and Rebuildables' started by Ally, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. Ally

    Ally Dedicated Poster

    Well I got fed up of the tiny juice channels on kangertech's subtanks RTA decks. They're so narrow. So I decided to get out the dremel and widen them. And the results are good. It's a much better vape now. It wicks far better with much thicker juices and allows me to go a much higher wattage. You can see from the first photo one channel done so you can see the difference. The second photo is the finished one with both done. I've done three tanks so far - two ST Plus and one Mini.


  2. Jas

    Jas Active Member Vendor

    Jesus Ally that's not a channel that's a sea inlet lol must get around to doing mine....do they flood at all?
  3. Ally

    Ally Dedicated Poster

    No none of them have flooded even a bit. I'm loving them.

    There's a vendor in the UK selling a v2 of the rta deck for £4/$6.50 + shipping and it doesn't look like it's much deeper than the v1.
  4. Jas

    Jas Active Member Vendor

    That's good to know mate will cracking on tomorrow on mill mine out .......just not as deep as yours
  5. Ally

    Ally Dedicated Poster

    Post a pic when you've done it jas. A bit of depth is need but it's really about width. As far as depth is concerned, next time I'll bevel it so that its deeper at the top.
  6. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    @Ally which bit did you use? I was advised a ball bit. (?)
  7. Ally

    Ally Dedicated Poster

    I used this @muth. This disc. I cut into it first to get a fix so i didn't slip and then press from side to side, kind of like filing.

  8. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    Hey, I was wondering why you've been having trouble with juice flow because my decks are working pretty well. I use 50/50 in them and a short bowtie wick of Japanese cotton. I fluff up the ends and gently tuck them down without compressing them too much.

    The only one I had problems with; they didn't drill the juice channels all the way to the bottom!
  9. Ally

    Ally Dedicated Poster

    I wasnt having problems at lower wattage. Then one day i made some very thick liquid and was getting dry hits whilst chain vaping. Im vaping around 45 ish watts and its drys the wick quite quickly. Another thing is i dont suck very hard and that doesnt draw a lot of liquid through, especially when chaining.

    I usually make pancake wicks but now ive cut the channels deep i can just put a wick in without having to faff about. There's more air draw too if you go deep enough.