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Know your enchancers

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Karebear, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Karebear

    Karebear New Member

    My husband did a lot of work on this, and I think it is very helpful to all DIYers.

    I have been feverishly working on new diy flavors for almost 2 months now. I was once a chef, and I know flavors. I also used to process my own tobacco so i know something of enhancers/additives. When I began studying ejuice about a month before I started vaping, I found myself faced with a whole new set of strange sounding chemicals to learn about. I thought i would share some of my notes on what I have learned so far as regards vaping additives. I hope maybe it will save you fellows some time researching them.

    Here we go...
    Acetyl Pyrazine- Sold by tpa. Used in cigarettes and cookies to impart a
    "toasty" taste. Gives your juice a baked, toasted, or crispy note at 0.5%. At 1%,
    it adds the taste of toasted mixed nuts. At 2% it adds a taste similar to Fritos
    corn chips.
    Caffeine- Sold by fw. The active ingredient in coffee. Does almost nothing
    for your juice. According to my brother (who has Ph. D.s. in both pharmacology and
    toxicology), you would have to sub-ohm over an ounce of 10% caffeine juice at
    about 70w to get the effect of 1 cup of coffee. Pretty much useless. To anyone who
    says they get a buzz from vaping caffeine, I'd like to borrow you for a stage
    hypnosis act!
    Capsicum- Sold by fw. The chemical that makes hot peppers hot; also used as
    an analgesic. used in VERY SMALL amounts in your juice, it can cure sore throat. A
    little more and you've got yourself an ejuice akin to hot pepper joke gum. More
    than that, and you may win a one-way ticket to the emergency room. This stuff can
    be dangerous. Keep in mind that the capsicum sold by fw is 375 times the strength
    of the hottest pepper known to man.
    Ester of Wood Rosin- Sold by fa as bitter wizard, also a main ingredient of
    mts vape wizard by fa. Used in Gatorade and some colas to give a bitter note. At
    0.5%, masks the flavor of vg and pg, thus only leaving the taste of your flavor
    mix. At 1% or higher, gives the pleasant bitter ring of colas, whiskeys, or dark
    Ethylguaiacol- Sold by sv and is a main ingredient of dnb drops wg by inw.
    Adds a smoky, ashy note to your juice. Great for making cigar, cigarette, and pipe
    flavors more realistic. This stuff requires a long steep in order to taste it, at
    least 2 weeks.
    Ethyl Maltol- Sold by tpa. Besides sugar, this is the other major ingredient
    in cotton candy (floss), which gives it its characteristic flavor. It is commonly
    used as a sweetener in ejuice. Its physical properties cause it to gunk up coils
    Gamma Octalactone- Sold by tpa and sv. This is the stuff they put in
    fudgesicles and other non-dairy treats to make them taste creamy. At 50ppm, it
    will make any juice you make extra creamy; you'd swear there's real cream in it!
    WARNINGS: Any more than 50ppm tastes atrocious. Tpa sells it full strength, so
    you will need to dilute it to 1% in pg before using; then you can measure it to
    0.5% of your mix.
    Guaiacol- Sold by tpa, and is a main ingredient of both black fire by fa and
    dnb drops wg by inw. This is the chemical that gives smoked meat and fish their
    smoky flavor. As you can imagine, it makes anything you mix it with taste smoked,
    but not burned. It also adds throat hit. It must be steeped for at least 2 weeks
    to reach its full potential.
    Isobutavan- Sold by tpa, and is a main ingredient of mts vape wizard by fa,
    smooth by tpa, and flavor toner/enhancer by fw. This is the "thickening" agent in
    the aforementioned enhancers. It does not actually thicken your juice any, but
    alters the mouth feel of the vapor to seem thicker. It also cancels the vapor
    thinning effect of some flavorings, thus making your clouds appear denser. Too
    much of it makes everything taste like vanilla.
    Malic Acid- Sold as sour by tpa. This is the sour note in old fashioned sour
    balls candy as well as salt and vinegar crisps. I'm sure you get where this is
    going regarding ejuice. It tends to form crystals on coils. WARNINGS: Like any
    acid, this stuff eats kanthol, albeit slowly, and when used with nickel coils,
    produces nickel compounds classified as class "A" carcinogens (sorry tc fans, and
    no, I'm not showing any documentation, as it is simple chemistry: nickel+acid
    +air=horrible, dangerous stuff; read a ....ing textbook).
    4-Methyl Guaiacol- Sold by tpa and is a main ingredient of black fire by fa.
    Added to foods to make them taste as if they have been cooked on a grill or over a
    campfire. Gives your juice a wood, charcoal, or coal fire note. Just a touch can
    make your toasted marshmallow vape really take you back to camping with the folks.
    Methyl Menthyl Acetate- Sold as koolada by tpa and kool effects by fw.
    Menthol cool without menthol taste. That simple. Of course, you can make your own
    by simply dissolving menthol crystals into pg and cooking it at 180F until it no
    longer smells like menthol. It takes a long time, much patience, and careful
    heating; this is how I do it, but then, I'm an alchemist.
    Piperine- Sold as flash by fa. This is what gives black pepper its spiciness
    Can be used to add throat hit or mixed in equal measure with fa pepper black to
    add the taste of fresh cracked pepper to your savory mixes.
    Sucralose- Sold by tpa. Artificial sweetener that is ubiquitous, you know,
    everywhere and in everything; it's "splenda, the artificial sweetener made from
    real sugar!" Well, being made from sugar, you can imagine what it does to coils,
    not to mention that a dry hit of this will give you more "tar" than the analogues
    you're likely trying to avoid.
    Syringol- Sold in pure crystal form by tpa (for a limited time only) and is a
    main ingredient in both black fire by fa and dnb drops wg by inw. This is the
    chemical that gives smoked meat and fish their smoky aroma. It is the main flavor
    in all commercial smoke flavorings, and was even added to Gen. Patch action
    figures in the 80s to give them the "smell of battle". Mix crystals 13.5% in pg to
    make extract. Be careful not to overdo it with this flavor, or your juice will
    taste like phenol (that nasty background note in sore throat spray).
    Triacetin- Sold as aaa magic mask by fa, and is a main ingredient of mts vape
    wizard by fa, smooth by tpa, and flavor toner/enhancer by fw. This stuff is used
    in many processed foods and in cigarette filters to smooth out harsh notes. It
    does this by temporarily numbing certain taste receptors in your tongue. This is
    the reason you can stomach breakfast cereals, microwave meals, and all the added
    paper and other trash they put in commercial cigarettes. Likewise, it can make
    some ejuices tolerable, maybe even tasty, that without it would be abominable.
    This stuff is actually amazing. If you really suck at diy, and your juice tastes
    like an abortion, you need this stuff; it can save even some of the worst tasting
    mixes. SIDENOTE: Triacetin is also the most amazing coil cleaner! It actually does
    for cotton what conditioner does for hair; vg slowly clogs wicks, and pg makes the
    fibers brittle, but aaa unclogs wicks and plasticizes fibers, leaving them
    flexible once more.
    Triethyl Citrate- Sold by tpa. This is an emulsifier used to make essential
    oils water soluable. It is used by fa, tpa, inw, fw, cap, hs, and just about every
    flavor company everywhere. It is used in most popular flavors. This is the "secret
    ingredient" that turns oil soluables into water soluables, if you know how to use
    it. think of it as "the flavorer's stone", sought after to turn crap flavors into
    Trimethyl Pyrazine- Sold by tpa. nearly identical to acetyl pyrazine at top
    of list.
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  2. glassgrl

    glassgrl Blippertigibbit

    Thank you so much for posting this here! And thanks to your husband for compiling it. :)
  3. daleron

    daleron Just a lurking Blip

  4. tierrataz

    tierrataz New Member

    Karebear did your husband have a recent, brief stint on ECF as ×××pops? If so, I would love to pick his brain. ;)
  5. Blue1

    Blue1 Blip Charm

    Thank you for sharing....this helps for some I was wondering about but didn't want to do the research............
  6. Karebear

    Karebear New Member

    Nope, he was Ol' Doc Porter.
  7. tierrataz

    tierrataz New Member

    That's him. Faulty memory. :p
  8. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    Dayum! Thank you so much. I just read this for the first time. But then I only have 2 speeds, slow and stop. I'm fairly new to mixology and this is a treasure trove of information.:nun:
  9. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    @Karebear this is not a question about enhancers but I thought you might have the answer. Do cinnamon flavors tend to "quiet" down with time? If I'm not mistaken, a recent mix I did with Cap Cinnamon Danish Swirl seems to have less of a bite after a week and the Sugar Cookie more noticeable. Does that sound right?