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Hellvape Fat Rabbit Solo RTA

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by Gina, Feb 22, 2022.

  1. Gina

    Gina Seriously Committed Vendor


    The Hellvape Fat Rabbit Solo RTA is a compact single-coil vape atomizer with a total height of 55.5mm and a diameter of 25mm. The processing of the Fat Rabbit Solo is of the usual high quality and both the top cap and the base section with its comfortable single coil deck can be easily opened and removed with just a quarter turn (bayonet connection). The lip-flattering 810 wide-bore drip tip sits enthroned on the top cap and is ideal for open vaping (DL to RDL). A total of 4.5ml of liquid reaches the glass tank of the Fat Rabbit Solo RTA quickly and cleanly via the top fill. With the bubble glass installed, the tank volume even increases to 5.5ml. The postless single coil deck also offers enough space for larger custom coils and is pleasantly easy to fill with windings and cotton.
    A highlight of the Fat Rabbit Solo is again the dual airflow control, which consists of a side airflow with several opposing individual holes and a bottom AFC with two wide air inlet slots. Both airflows are easy to operate and allow the airflow to be continuously and precisely adjusted to the desired vaping behavior. The flow of the coil from the sides and from below, in combination with the compact evaporator chamber (bell), ensures an intense taste experience as well as large clouds full of dense and soft vapor.
    The Fat Rabbit Solo RTA guarantees an outstanding taste experience with clouds that will also make cloud chaser hearts beat faster.
    More info Fat Rabbit Solo RTA by Hellvape
    Standard 510 connection with gold-plated positive pole
    25mm diameter adaptable to most of the mod
    Drip tip 810 with anti-condensation design
    A quarter turn is enough to unscrew the top cap
    Large buttonholes for easy filling
    Boasts a dual airflow system: one set on the bottom and another set on the side
    Innovative, post-less deck designed for Single-Coil that disengages with a quarter turn
    Single coil RTA for DL and RDL vapers
    Tank volume: 4.5 ml (standard glass) / 5.5 ml (bubble glass)
    Top cap and base with bayonet lock (quarter turn)
    Comfortable top fill
    Generous single-coil postless winding deck
    Simple coil attachment with lateral screws
    Large cotton bags
    2-fold airflow control
    Infinitely adjustable Side-AFC with opposing individual bores
    Infinitely adjustable bottom AFC with opposing air intake slots
    Optimal flow of the coil for intense flavor and dense clouds
    Compact vaporizer chamber
    810 wide bore drip tip
    QUICK LINK>>https://www.3fvape.com/55576-.html
  2. Gina

    Gina Seriously Committed Vendor

  3. Gina

    Gina Seriously Committed Vendor