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get your knees dirty...in the garden

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by Vape.Queen, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. HazyShades

    HazyShades In the woodwork...

    Hi kelli!
    Turmeric, or more specifically curcumin is wonderful for you. here:

    keep that second link handy. Earth clinic has been a real blessing to me.
    I've cured or alleviated a bunch of stuff in my self and others with the info I've got there.

    I have 100 night blooming jasmine and a couple of dozen black rose seeds in the freezer for stratification now.
    They should be ready by June 14th when they'll get planted.
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  2. HazyShades

    HazyShades In the woodwork...

    Hi Horton!
    Here: http://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/turmeric.html
    While there look up ginger.
    and specifically

    you'll find that eating several slices of candied ginger daily will make that arthritic hip feel wonderful in about 3 weeks.

    The effect you're getting from the turmeric isn't placebo. It works. But I suggest you eat it in capsules.
    I take both turmeric and turmeric extract powder in capsules, it's better in that you can measure the amount of herbal medicine you're taking where with root tea
    you do get a bunch of good stuff but how much only God knows.

    I eat the candied ginger slices (I have ginger plants so I also make gingerbread e-juice) which I buy by the pound
    cause making candied ginger takes over four hours - whenever my sciatica acts up.

    Here's another one. My old lady has really bad osteoarthritis in the knees. This helps and I'll vouch for it.

    Be Healthy. Be good.

    Hazy :cool:
  3. horton

    horton Dedicated Poster

    Thanks Hazy..... I'm going to check out the links.
    Reason I started using the rhizomes rather than capsules was due to the controversy GNC just was nailed for about what really was in their products. It looked to me by the fact they settled and settled bit with NY that they weren't being honest about things.
    I understand it's next to impossible to quantify how much curcumin is in each piece. I'm sort of using myself as a "living experiment" and try to use the same amount of rhizome each day. I'm considering using a kitchen scale to try to be a little more quantitative.
    There are several side effects and perhaps the most critical is how it can lengthen clotting time. If someone is taking any meds like Warfarin they will need to let their doc know. They may be able to lower their meds which would be great -- at least in my book.
    Ginger is next on my list. I do use it in my daily "beverage" (smoothie -- I just like the sound of beverage better...lol). Candied sounds great and I'd like to hear more about it.
    I did plant some of the Turmeric 'zomes that started to sprout and am finding they are very slow to grow, but I did dig up one piece yesterday and indeed it is slowly making it's way to the surface. The plants are really pretty and plus the added benefits of hopefully growing my own will be neat.
    I really appreciate the links.......horton:thumb:
  4. kelli

    kelli The original blip

    i haven't been able to plant much of anything. it was too cold, now it's too wet. i am getting impatient. impatient.gif
  5. horton

    horton Dedicated Poster

    That is one nice thing about FL. I can garden just about all year. It's taken me quite a while to get used to the subtle seasons here and I'd much rather be back up north again when there is no question about what season it is....lol

    kelli..... I need help with pics..... I understand you are the "one"...... I took some terrible pics with my phone and did manage to get them on the computer after about an hour of fiddling with software, but they are I believe around 6 mb in size. Isn't that way too big? I can dig out my camera (regular camera, not one I talk on) and give it a go, but I'm still stumped about pic sizing. Can you tell me what I need to do? I would be grateful.....:confused:
  6. kelli

    kelli The original blip

    @horton, there are many programs you can use but this one is easy. go to http://www.picresize.com/ and drag your photo and plop it there, then you can make it any size you want. i find that 600 x600 or thereabouts is about right for the forum. then you can save it and drag it into your window here :)
  7. HazyShades

    HazyShades In the woodwork...

    You're quite welcome, Horton.
    Man, you can do much better than GNC for most everything. I only get my emergency potassium
    there when it's bogo but now-a-days I supplement my potassium by drinking coconut water
    (get it at Costco) which is especially good for vapers.

    I get most of my vitamins at puritan.com, usually when they have their buy one get 2 free deal.
    They have that deal now

    you can get crystallized or candied ginger slices at puritan too
    and at bogo that's a good deal but haven't tried valley orchard.
    I usually but this

    I really (strongly) suggest you try the golden raisins soaked in gin remedy. It takes a couple to 3 weeks to see the effect but it works so well.
    Just read up and saw you're in the sandpile also.
    It will take time for you to adjust to the seasons or seeming lack thereof, but we have THREE growing seasons here.
    Above I mention to kelli that I have some seeds in stratification in my freezer for planting mid summer!
    Up north my plants would be freezing by the time they're well rooted.
    I want a green house just to keep the chemtrail crap off my veggies.

    Oh, since I mentioned veggies, if you know anybody who is a diabetic, precisely pre-diabetic,
    tell 'em to eat vegetables, preferably raw green veggies and stuff like broccolli & brussel sprouts for breakfast religiously.

    Did I mention 2 tablespoons of Bragg's apple cider vinegar with the mother daily in a glass of water , once in the morn and once at night daily?
    It's good for just about anything that ails ya.
    google is your friend. :)

    Hazy :cool:
  8. horton

    horton Dedicated Poster

    Thank you kelli. I shall get my batteries charged and give it a go..... I don't know why resizing gives me such fits. Appreciate the help.:)
  9. horton

    horton Dedicated Poster

    My first attempt with picresize.com.... it looks sort of fisheye to me.... definitely need a better shot. It's sort of tough with the "protective devices" I cobbled together to keep my curious hounds out of my precious Goji plant.
    And please no commentary on my hacked together "trellis".... I about fell over when I looked at Home Depot for a trellis. Once I get organized I'll build something more presentable, but I needed to do something quick the way the plant is growing so quickly. I went back online at Home Depot but they are out of any size Goji now -- probably end of season??
    Please let me know what I need to do to make pics more presentable.... this was like a giant step for me... thanks so much!!!

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  10. kelli

    kelli The original blip

    @horton, you did good, but you uploaded the thumbnail size. when you go to post your pic, it will give you a choice of full image or thumbnail. pick the full size. :)
  11. kelli

    kelli The original blip

    @HazyShades, i just ordered some turmeric and ginger. they had good sales at puritan, and free shipping too. :)
  12. horton

    horton Dedicated Poster

    How did I manage to do this now???? Where is the users guide.... think I need to read that first....lol
  13. horton

    horton Dedicated Poster

    Thanks again, kelli.... It also looks rotated 90° to me. I'll get some better pics and try again.
    Appreciate the help..... and encouragement.....
  14. HazyShades

    HazyShades In the woodwork...

    Cool. I hope I had something to do with that...
    ya, I saw the buy one get 2 free sale was on and with free shipping too. I have to looksie in my vitamin cabinet and see if I'm short on anything.
    Think I might need some curcumin extract but the one I like doesn't play with their buy 1 get 2 deal. Only the puritan products do. But I can still get free shipping.

    What did you get, the turmeric/ginger caps?
    kelli, try the candied ginger...if you like sweet and tangy. We've made it a couple of times but buying ready made by the pound is the way to go cause you gotta stir on low heat for over 4 hours. (guess a pressure cooker might be quicker but it only just occurred to me as I write)
    Sometimes I get the little packaged ginger candy from China (?) I'll check the name/brand. Those are handy to munch on throughout the day.
    They have those at the local Chinese grocery store but I have bought them online also.

    Have a good one, kelli :thumb:
  15. kelli

    kelli The original blip

    i got the two bags of candied ginger and the turmeric capsules are buy 1 get two free so i got 6 bottles altogether. :)
  16. HazyShades

    HazyShades In the woodwork...

    Great. You'll probably pee more yellow :), like the smilie here.
    So you got a pound of ginger then. That'll last you a while. I really like the stuff. Let me know if you like that brand.
    I'm still working on my bag of Starwest Botanicals ginger but it doesn't seem to go bad. It will dry up if you don't keep it airtight.
    I have a bag of ground dried candied ginger. Left a bag open..so I put it in my Ninja and made powder. I put a teaspoon in lemonade and it's real nice.
  17. HazyShades

    HazyShades In the woodwork...

    kelli, on thinking about it, that's a really good deal on the candied ginger considering that the starwest
    costs close to 20 bucks plus shipping.
    I have 2 bags in my shopping cart and doing inventory.
    I just noticed that you don't have to spend 19.99 to get free shipping...so ginger might be it.
  18. Vape.Queen

    Vape.Queen More than a blip!

    I've bought some great plants online :) I always order local too because out here, we have tons of farms with great stuff! I don't know it's Latin name, but in laymens terms it's called a gas plant and I bought it from a local farm online. Super cool, beautiful blooms, and it's a perennial. Also, when it blooms, you can hold a lighter or match next to it and you will see a quick whoosh. I will post a vid.

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    Last edited: May 12, 2015
  19. Vape.Queen

    Vape.Queen More than a blip!

    So I'm back you guys! And I am doing a mini garden on my deck this year. I will be sure to post some pics when I take email :)

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  20. Vape.Queen

    Vape.Queen More than a blip!