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Freemax Twister 30W Kit Review

Discussion in 'Hardware and Accessories' started by Blue1, Oct 28, 2020.

  1. Blue1

    Blue1 Blip Charm

    Freemax Twister 30W Kit Review


    This comes with the Freemax Fireluke 22mm tank

    The Twister Mod:

    The Twister is a 1400 mAh stick type battery. There is a twisting knob at the base to adjust the temperature.... It goes from 7.5-30 W in 5 W increments. It dials from left to right. There’s also ridges on the dial so it’s super easy to change temperatures... There are holes on the base where it says “Twister”... The button is square and is located on the side opposite the charging hole. 5 clicks on/off. It shows the battery level on the fire button, Red, Blue & Green…

    There is beautiful engraving on the mod. The size is perfect for stealth vaping and it sits comfortable in my small hands.

    Fireluke 22mm Tank:

    Fireluke 22 tank is 22mm in diameter and you can use this atomizer for MTL and for DTL vaping. This is a bottom airflow tank with ridges on the ring that make it really easy to open & close... The kit comes with 2 drip tips one Pawn style for STL and one open ,for DTL…. unfortunately mine had the regular one croken in the box when I opened it so I can only comment on the pawn style. I love the locking cap as you pull up on the outer ring while pushing, but the filling hole isn’t big enough for my bottles to go in enough so it was a messy filling experience....The kit comes with a 2 ml straight glass for MTL or a 3.5 ml bubble tank for DTL. It also comes with 2 Coils, the 1.5 oHm & the .5 oHm, again for both DTL & MTL


    It comes with Two drip tips, 2 coils and 2 glasses in the package

    Compatible with 510 drip tips

    Easy to open refill top, with Easy to adjust the airflow & temperature dial.

    You can use this atomizer for both dtl and mtl vaping

    Good flavor

    Easy to find fire button

    Battery indicator

    Spare O-rings

    Beautiful engraving

    Size is perfect for stealth


    Too small filling hole

    Not USB -C


    - Overload protection

    - Short circuit protection

    - Overheat protection

    - Low voltage protection

    - Over-discharge protection

    - Overcharge protection

    - Over time protection

    - Open circuit protection


    - Size: 78.3mm x 22mm

    - Tank capacity 3.5ml/2.5ml

    - Weight: 127.2g

    - Battery capacity: 1400mah

    - Output wattage: 7.5 - 30w

    - Output voltage: 1.9 - 7.5V

    - Resistance range: 0.5-3ohm

    - Wattage adjustment: 2.5w per click

    In the box:

    - Freemax twister 30w

    - Freemax fireluke 22 tank

    - 0,5ohm DTL mesh coil

    - 1,5ohm mtl mesh coil

    - Extra 510 drip tip

    - Glass tank 2ml

    - Extra o-rings

    - Usb

    - Warning card

    - Warranty card

    - User manual