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Ether Vapes non-Tobacco Flavors

Discussion in 'e-Liquids and Juices' started by InMyImage, May 5, 2015.

  1. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    @Vash having just discovered that you have NET non-tobacco flavors, I'm interested in trying a couple of your juices, but have a couple of questions.

    I normally use pg/vg rations that vary primarily between 60/40 - 50/50. I see that you have 50/50 options and then 30/70 options as well as 70/30 (which is not going to work for me).

    I'm a flavor chaser and normally use a Kayfun v4 or Kayfun Plus Lite v2 and am hoping you can make a recommendation as what ratio you feel generally has the strongest flavor for you juices.

    Also, being a flavor chaser, my tastebuds obviously want strong, full, rich flavors. I am interested in the following but will most like start with 2 or 3 10ml bottles right now.

    Cosmic Cookie
    Organic Sunrise with Cream
    Shamrock Swirl
    Strawberry Dreams

    So, out of those flavors which would you say are the 2 strongest with the best 3rd place runner up?

  2. Vash

    Vash More than a blip! Vendor

    I would go with the 50/50 as you will get fantastic flavor and will wick easily and at same time I do not cut my VG so vapor production is also very good :)

    You will also want to decide if you want the classic throat hit or smooth.The smooth is extremely smooth with almost no throat hit (most choose classic) I love smooth but I sub ohm so that's just me.

    As far as the flavors I would say Cosmic Cookie is the strongest with Starbuck and Shamrock swirl being tied for a close second.Also Fresh Brulee is very rich and full flavored and Midnite has tried and lived that one as do many of my other customers.

    Strawberry Dreams is very good but I may change it a little so I would not order that but instead I will add small sample for you of the current version if you want to get idea of the taste.

    I am planning on reformulating it to be more creamy and have more cake base to it along with Lemon Heaven.
    As it is now it's very good but is diacetyl free and I had created them to have a diacetyl free option for folks but having worked on new version I find both much better and while people praised the diacetyl free option we actually sold very little of either and have had folks wish SD was more cake like and creamy.The change to lemon heaven will make it more cake like and not such a pie taste.
    Both will have same names just a improved flavor profile to them.

    Don't forget the code : blips ;)
    Last edited: May 5, 2015
  3. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    Ok, thanks. Been hit with some financial zinger this month, but will have to put in an order near the 1st. Our dryer died and the new one is being delivered today, and because of my wife's surgery on the 3rd, she didn't get a paycheck this pay period, so things are a bit tight till I get my disability check again on the 1st.

    Definitely interested in trying those flavors though.
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  4. Vash

    Vash More than a blip! Vendor

    Sorry to hear that ,Thank you for your interest and when you do order let me know it's you and will include the SD sample for you and maybe little something extra as well as a thank you for all your hard work for everyone :)
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  5. Roguexx

    Roguexx blippy blipperson

    I got shamrock and Star bucked art smooth hit and 70 by. I sub ohm as well love em
  6. Vash

    Vash More than a blip! Vendor

    That's how I vape mine too :) smooth hit and 70 VG but I sub ohm on mechs
  7. Roguexx

    Roguexx blippy blipperson

    I got a regulated mod with a sub ohm tank
  8. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    Which mod?
  9. Roguexx

    Roguexx blippy blipperson

    Istick 30w
  10. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    Have heard good things about them. Apparently they made a few tweaks to it to correct things people didn't like or wanted improved in the first one.
  11. Roguexx

    Roguexx blippy blipperson

    I like it. Was a great starting point. Atlantis tank works great in it. Except buying coils. Have had 3 bad coils. Brand New. Got a bad one last night work till 6 today. No vaping until later
  12. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    Sounds like it's time for an RBA of some sort. Let's see if you hold out for the Orchid I'm putting in the PIF box ;)
  13. Vash

    Vash More than a blip! Vendor

    It's nice too that so many good RDA can be found these days for $15-$20 if you don't mind clones
  14. tgcrna

    tgcrna Be good to yourself and kind to others...

    I got the juices I won from ethervapes :) I chose the Organic Sunrise, Starbucked, and Fresh Brulee, all in 70/30 PG/VG, 18mg nic, strongest throat hit (classic, I guess?).

    Let me preface this 'review' by saying that I am not a reviewer, LOL. I can't discern the nuances that others seem to be able to :unsure: But, these are my impressions of the two I have tried so far, for what it's worth.

    The Organic Sunrise tastes like a cup of black coffee. The first day I tried it, the taste was very faint. Today (the second day) the flavor is more pronounced, as I guess the new coil I used is getting more seasoned. It does not have an artificial taste at all, which I appreciate very much. The aftertaste feels like I have just had a sip of coffee. I am thoroughly enjoying this juice :thumbs:

    The Fresh Brulee is a sweet vape. I taste the custard on the exhale and the aftertaste is a very pleasant vanilla flavor. Possibly with nutmeg undertones?? This is a good 'dessert' vape, as it is too sweet to be an ADV for me personally. It is definitely a stronger flavor than the Organic Sunrise.

    I have not yet tried the Starbucked, but I have smelled it and it smells delicious! I look forward to trying it, but I try not to taste too many new juices at once. If I try too many at once it muddies the palate.

    These are top quality juices and I very much appreciate Vash's donation to the fundraiser! For years I have been vaping a caramel cappuccino that I DIY. I have tried many different vendors, trying to find additional flavors to add variety to my ADV. Ethervapes is one of the only ones that I will reorder from :thumb:
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  15. dubya

    dubya Blissfully bewildered billet box blip

    I recently got and tried 3 flavor's from ether. Starbucked, sweet dreams straw, and shamrock swirl. I am not a reviewer, but just wanted to say i enjoy all of these, and I personally think all three are great vapes.