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End of an era

Discussion in 'Purely Social' started by InMyImage, Dec 17, 2019.

  1. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    I hope Ghost likes the idea and uses it in one way or another! I was just trying to help, so I hope I did. :)

    X's and O's. Wanna play?

    upload_2019-12-21_3-22-10.png . :laugh:
  2. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    Now that I can do!
  3. ghost62

    ghost62 Goes Blip In The Night Staff Member Moderator Vendor Safe Zone Moderator

    It certainly helps. Thank you.
    I'm working on a way to track where we stand each quarter but rather than do a quarterly true-up to adjust the amount needed, I think an annual adjustment would be more prudent.
    Approaching it that way what allow any excess contributed to act as a cushion from quarter to quarter in case normal contributors are not able to kick in during a given period.
    Then for the fourth quarter, adjust the recommended amount to compensate for any surplus (hopefully).
    Again, though, it's still in the 'kicking things around' phase so any input is both helpful and welcome.
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  4. Shawn Hoefer

    Shawn Hoefer Seriously Committed

    I didn't respond to the poll, but I contributed... I think that counts as a yes vote :)

    Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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  5. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    I'm so glad that you found it helpful! :w00t: It took me a while to compose that, so I'm happy and thankful that it was received well! :thumbs:

    Question: Has IMI been paid back in full yet? While I did not contribute in all the excitement, I will now. Please let us know how much is needed, if anything, so we can get him refunded.
  6. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    Absolutely! You're always there to Help! But this is why I think that Polls can be ineffective at reaching their true goals. Thanks, and talk with ya later.
  7. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    Hey Terry,

    I thought of something else for you to consider...

    There are a few things to think about for only using a PM for notifications...

    • Active or not, some people may be away for various reasons and may not see a PM in time.
    • Active members may be away and have email notifications of Posts, PMs, etc., turned Off.
    • There was one more thing that I thought of, but I can't remember it now...
    • But emails generally always get through, and read or not, they can see the Subject line and who it's from.
    So please think about maybe sending a Mass one-time email instead, or even a PM too, and weigh that against how intrusive you may think an email and/or both might be instead of only a PM, and also against whatever way you may be thinking of doing.

    I wouldn't mind "kicking things around" with you (and would actually love it!), if you would care to hear my input, to help you get some feedback about everything you have to consider (which none of us know). And maybe help to add some others, try this instead, whatever, to help round things out for the best approach. You are welcome to PM me if you'd like to know anything I can offer to be helpful. :)

  8. Lisa66

    Lisa66 Read my blips

    @ghost62 : Are we any closer to getting an update on the financial situation as it relates to keeping Vaping Blips?

    Also, I just heard from someone who was completely unaware until just now about this whole thing. Maybe this thread could be anchored at the top/flagged or something?
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  9. ghost62

    ghost62 Goes Blip In The Night Staff Member Moderator Vendor Safe Zone Moderator

    No word from Bill yet but I emailed him right after the holidays.
    I can make this thread a 'sticky' though.
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  10. Lisa66

    Lisa66 Read my blips

    Thank you!
  11. keyman550

    keyman550 Active Member

    Hi all missed me? umm didn't think so :) i retired two years ago and had some issues, but i'm back and up to no good. I see i missed some excitement along the way. oh I update my bio and a new pic for you all to google over ;)
  12. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    Welcome back @keyman550 :) I'm not sure I can place you. What was your handle and avi before?

    Sorry about having issues but glad you made it through. The only active social threads right now are Lounging on the Beach and Alternate Universe. Pop in and say hello!
  13. keyman550

    keyman550 Active Member

    i was around back in 2015 2016 so i don't expect anyone to remember me, same handle the last pic was of a ijoy evic and some small bottles of juice. since then i've gottne bigger better mods and such, even tried making my own ..................ummm yeah that.........let not talk about that. cough cough hack hack..
    anyway last i read a post of yours was back then you were looking for a left handed screw......................... to wrap coils
  14. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    Good memory! Yes, I was looking for an easy way to make spaced coils. Since then I learned an even easier way without the need of a special coil rod.

    I consider Vaping Blips my home base with old friends. I also visit ELR because I wanted to learn more about DIY ejuice. Especially important now since the gooberment made it so hard to buy ejuice.