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Dense City Community

Discussion in 'Purely Social' started by Geauxst, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. Geauxst

    Geauxst A Banished Ghost of the Past

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  2. Geauxst

    Geauxst A Banished Ghost of the Past

    Ladies and Gentlemen... We are Proud to Present...The Dense City Community Box. This box will be a first of its kind, by many different means full of family, and fun, maybe even a contest or two the main goal is to make the best box ever!! Based on interest that has been shown in multiple threads there are several members who wanted in and missed the registration for the other boxes, as well as new members who are expressing interest,Members list will be depending upon demand. Once final, the names will be plugged into a randomizer to choose the order of the list. The list will be posted here in this thread. Please feel free to use this thread as a means to communicate with other members who are participating in BOX. This thread is to be used for all official BOX information as far as receiving the box and shipping the box back out, but it is not limited to just that. Everyone here is welcomed and encouraged to participate in the conversation!


    What is this BOX? The Dense City Community Box is commonly known as a Pay-It-Forward (PIF) Box but different in the way that PIF implies you send stuff out and not take anything in return, but like most PIF boxes it doesn't work that way (making the name misleading and confusing) it is a way to put vaping hardware, supplies, ejuices/eliquids, etc. in the hands of someone who wants, and/or will use items that you no longer want or won’t use. Basically, a box will be shipped to you that has various items in it...you take out things you want, need, or will use...and you put in things that you have that you no longer want, no longer need, or will not use. Many of us have hardware, supplies, juices, etc. that are just sitting around collecting dust...this is a convenient kind of way to trade those things, or at least get them into the hands of people who will use them. keep in mind one person may hate the airflow of an rda and prefer an ego setup or a more restricted kayfun style build, well they may put in a velocity purely cause the airflow is too massive for them and take out that kayfun you put in cause it was to restricted. so basically no item is useless or bad to add someone will find it useful

    What does it cost to participate? Practically Nothing.... The only cost to participate is the cost of shipping to the next person in line. The cost of shipping the box to the next person should be between ~$12 and ~$20 if using USPS Flat-Rate boxes. It depends on the size of box being used at the time, and that will depend on the amount of stuff in the box at that time. You are welcome to ship via UPS or FedEx if that is cheaper or more convenient for you. priority boxes are encouraged but the only requirement is tracking

    Are initial contributions required? No its not required... . But i will state that if you feel like being generous as well you are more then welcome to donate items for me to toss in for the start as well But remember not to send all your stuff at once save some for when you get the box.... but if you are overloaded and just have to liberate some gear PM me or a co owner and we will work out the details

    Is this really a Pay-It-Forward? There has been several discussions in other PIF Boxes that this isn't really a true Pay-It-Forward arrangement. I do somewhat agree with that, this is more of an exchange box, or trade box, if you will. However, it could be a pay-it-forward depending upon what items are exchanged and the individual situation. This action/style of shipping the box around, taking stuff out and putting stuff in, has been referred to as a PIF Box here and elsewhere, I'm not looking to reinvent the wheel, and change the box. I am tired of every box having to address the issue so i ask a question in return "why does it have to be classified?" so in short this is being ran by myself and 2 other members there for we give it the name of our group... i feel it gives the box a personality rather then being "Just another PIF box" SOOOOOO If you want to participate great...if not, that's fine too.

    Please read these rules carefully...instructions for how to get your name added are below…

    1. · By agreeing to participate in the box, you are agreeing by law that you are 18 or older and reside in the USA.If you are found to not meet this requirement by signing up you waive any fault on my part and take full responsibility
    2. · Please only add your name to the list if you have full intentions of participating, don’t take up a slot that someone else may use.
    3. · You must post in this thread when you receive the box, and also when you ship the box to the next person, this post must include tracking info. COMMUNICATION IS KEY!
    4. · All e juices/e liquids and flavorings must be tightly sealed and placed into Ziploc bags to contain possible leaks. Please be mindful of a potential mess and try to prevent if you can
    5. · Anything that needs labeled must be clearly labeled. IE- e juices/e liquids need marked with NIC/PG/VG levels, and no concentrated DIY NIC allowed, wire needs marked with gauge, misc. parts need identified, etc.
    6. · The box must be sent to the next person within 2 days of your receipt of the box. Please be courteous and respectful of others and don’t hold the box hostage! (Weekends and Holidays are not counted.) COMMUNICATION IS KEY!
    7. · Once your screen name is added to the list below in the 3rd post, you must PM your name and mailing address to me.***REQUIRED***(Include cell phone number to be contacted via text message, see below for requirement and reasons.)
    8. · If the box accumulates too much stuff to fit in a USPS Large Size Flat Rate Priority Box, please ship back to me so it can be split into 2 boxes.
    9. · Respect others! We are all one family here and will be treated as such, So please treat others as you wish to be treated
    10. · You will be contacted shortly before the box being sent to you in order to confirm you are still interested and ready for the box. You must reply within 2 days or you may be skipped.
    11. · If at any time you have questions, please feel free to ask, either myself or one of the other co owners will help you out.COMMUNICATION IS KEY! to this running smoothly.
    12. · Most importantly…HAVE FUN!!!
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  3. Geauxst

    Geauxst A Banished Ghost of the Past

    How do I get my name on the list? This is pretty simple…comment below that you are interested, and include your City and State, ONLY your city and state should be posted here at this time.

    Why ask for my cell phone number? In administrating a BOX I have found it convenient to contact people to confirm they are ready and still interested in the BOX to be more successful via text message. You will only be sent a message to a) confirm you are still interested in the box and b) to give you the mailing information for the next person in line.
    First of all, remember you have 48 hours from the time the message is sent to confirm you are still interested and ready, so if you are not on the forum on a regular basis, it make it nearly impossible to contact you and is a poor communication method. Secondly, the mailing information being sent to you via text message may be more convenient when it comes time to send the box back out, since you are more likely to have your phone with you at that time. if you think .... oh i don't want my number out on the net .. your already giving me your name and address and with the internet the way it is these days your number is easy to find with the proper info but feel assured the number will only be used for BOX communication purposes only This is a requirement…if no cell phone number is provided, you will be passed up and not added i'm sorry but its a must! If this is an issue talk with me to see if anything can be arranged. I'm just trying to avoid a major issue that has happened in sever boxes of the past

    Why do you contact me before having the box sent to me? I already signed up, and I’m obviously interested. Life is not predictable! We all have families, careers, etc. Sometimes things happen that you might have to travel out of town for work, family things, deaths/hospitalizations, natural disasters, etc. You might have given up on vaping (sure hope not!) or just aren’t interested any longer. For this reason, you will be contacted approximately a week prior to the box being sent to you to confirm that you are interested, ready, will be available to receive the box, and get it back out in the time allotted to do so. It is at this time that you must make us aware of any issues. This is done to avoid the box being stuck for a length of time at any one place.COMMUNICATION IS KEY!

    My name is on the list, now what do I do? Per the rules above, you need to PM your real name and mailing information, cell phone number to @Geauxst

    When and where do I send in the donated contribution? Once the list is full, the order is randomized, and posted, During that time if you want to contribute you must contact me via PM. There will be a PM or text message sent back to you with the mailing information of where to send the contributions to.

    How will I know where to send the box when I’m done with it? You will receive a PM or text message with the mailing information of the next person in line while the box is on its way to you. You will know where to send the box when you are finished with it prior to you receiving the box most of the time. (At least this is how it has worked with PIF BOX #6. Remember,COMMUNICATION IS KEY! to this running smoothly.) For those who are curious…behind the scenes, it goes something like this: When person A posts that they have shipped the box to person B, I contact person C to make sure they are ready and still interested. Person C will reply to me that they are, and I will then send Person B the mailing information for Person C. When Person B posts they have shipped the box to Person C, I contact Person D…so on and so forth.

    When will I receive the box? There is no real way to define a time that you will receive the box. I encourage everyone to be active and participate in the conversation in this thread, but that is not a requirement it is an encouragement. From my experience with a previous PIF BOX it averages anywhere between 5 and 10 days per person. Your position in the list, the amount of time each person takes to ship the box back out, and the actual shipping time from person to person are all factors that play into when you will actually receive the box. The list will be updated with the date each person received the box. Please remember to post when you receive the box, and again when you ship the box back out.

    What happens with everything that is in the box when the list is done? Once the box has made a full rotation of the list, it will start over, with the last person sending it back to myself. If at any time you wish to no longer participate, just let me know via PM, and you will be removed from the list. If and when people decide to be removed, we will allow other members who have come along who are interested to replace them.

    What is the notepad for? One of the pif boxes i was in did a notepad for people to write what they took what they added and a general experience they had with the box so at the end there was kinda a mini book to read and i kinda thought it was pretty cool idea so i'm including one in this box it doesn't have to be a novel but take 5-10 mins and write something down before sending it back out

    I have a question that hasn’t been asked or answered? Please post any and all questions in this thread so that they may be answered in the thread. This way if someone else has the same question, they too will see the answer. Please don’t be afraid to ask…we all know the saying about stupid questions!

    Administrators? This box is a little different then others! so while we don't really have admins. they ARE basically an admin, but without these two this box would have never started @dodyhearts and @MOMABEAR are considered "Co-Organizer" of this box meaning the 3 of us are all equal but to make things flow easier so you don't have to wait for a specific person to be on, just contact any of us 3

    *****@Geauxst Co-Organizer
    *****@Momabear Co-Organizer
    *****@Dodyhearts Co-Organizer

    You can find and join the communities below and will be welcomed in our threads and conversations

    Facebook group

    Vapingblips DCCB thread vb_calling_card_300x100.png


    Disclaimer all rules are subjected to change and if i change them do to something you did think of it as a tribute and don't complain about it, adapt to survive simple as that.
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  4. dodyhearts

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  5. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    Nice and clear write-up @Geauxst. I still don't have a lot to contribute gear wise, but I'm game so count me in ;)
  6. Geauxst

    Geauxst A Banished Ghost of the Past

    never really is about the gear man its more about the experience if you have gear that great if not then just chat our ears off and let us know how we are doing ^.^
  7. Momabear

    Momabear More than a blip! PIF Box Organizer

    Epic box line starts here>>>>>>>. Please post your city and state only. Then pm one of the co-organizers with your real name, address, and phone number

    Let's get this party started

    Sent from my Momabear headquarters...
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  8. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    Fishers, Indiana ;)
  9. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    So in BD PIF Box 1.0 I gave away one of my two Orchid v4's because I didn't like the airflow volume (too much). On a whim I loaded up the one that has been sitting unused for months with my ADV and I'm enjoying it enough to start to wonder if I regret giving the other one away...

    I've had no interest in the higher airflow RTA's but if there is one in this box I might just have to give it a try.
  10. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    I cannot PM you. Please send me a PM about this Subliminal Vapors Box Round 1. I am interested, but I have a question for you.
  11. Geauxst

    Geauxst A Banished Ghost of the Past

    Sorry but hit a bit a speed bump need to make some changes and it will be back ASAP

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  12. thewandererNick

    thewandererNick Seriously Committed

    Interested, greenville Mississippi
  13. Geauxst

    Geauxst A Banished Ghost of the Past

    OK...... Sorry for the Delay But we're back in action let the sign ups commence .....previous sign ups noted and accepted
  14. dodyhearts

    dodyhearts Dedicated Poster

    I wanna sign up

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  15. Geauxst

    Geauxst A Banished Ghost of the Past


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  16. dodyhearts

    dodyhearts Dedicated Poster

    But but but ...... :/

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  17. Momabear

    Momabear More than a blip! PIF Box Organizer

    The Banhamma..... Boom, babeeee...

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  18. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    I'm still in.
  19. Geauxst

    Geauxst A Banished Ghost of the Past

    Morning people lets see if we can get some sign ups going today

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  20. Geauxst

    Geauxst A Banished Ghost of the Past


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