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Converting dripper atty to bottom feeder

Discussion in 'Rebuildable Drippers aka RDA's' started by Ld3441, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Blessed blip!

    I have a couple of dripper attys that I would like to convert to bottom feeders. I know there is a few people that do this but I don't know how to contact them. Does anyone here know who does this and how I can reach them? Thanks!
  2. moecat

    moecat No sodding blips to give

  3. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Blessed blip!

    Yea Moe, I know they sell kits but it is not something I want to do. I'd rather send it to someone that does this and knows what they are doing. I would likely end up with more problems than I can deal with if I did this myself. LOL

    I have a quasar that I want to get converted.
  4. glassgrl

    glassgrl Blippertigibbit

    LD are you on ECF anymore? Chowderhead1972 has been converting and selling and I know he used to do it for people before he started up his own business. Unknown if he still will do singles for people. Here's his thread. http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/ ... -mods.html
  5. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Blessed blip!

    Thanks GG! That is what I was looking for. :mrgreen:
    I will check it out later and try to contact him.
  6. TheWestPole

    TheWestPole A hit on Mr. Mitty

    If you wanna DIY, Fatdaddy sells conversion kits and has a link to a how to video.



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  7. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Blessed blip!

    Thanks TWP but I'd be scared to DIY on this.

    GG, I am still on ECF even though I haven't been there in ages. I will contact him and see what he says. If he can't do it maybe he will know who can. Thanks for the info.
  8. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Blessed blip!

    Thanks GG!
    I got ahold of him and I am sending it to him.
    This will be great on the new mod I think. :D
  9. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    I don't know anyone personally but FatDaddyVapes sells Bottom Feeder Kits. If I remember correctly there are 'how to' instructions on the site. Maybe you can contact them for extra help.
  10. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    Sorry, Ld, I didn't read the above threads.
  11. glassgrl

    glassgrl Blippertigibbit

    Yay! So glad he's still doing singles for people. Nice guy. Although I am interested in that conversion kit...thanks for those links guys, I didn't even know they existed.
  12. Eric DeCastro

    Eric DeCastro More than a blip!

    I have thought about it a little bit and for me, of course it would have to be a box mod. I would leave the atty base on the box forever and drill a hole in the deck and run the tube up to the hole. or drill it in a place where the hole will line up with the tube. I have a mill at work so I could make quick work of the box to allow squonking.
  13. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Blessed blip!

    Just thought I should report back.
    Chowderhead1972 did a wonderful job and I love it.
    Thanks again GG. :mrgreen:
  14. Bigdaddybrink1

    Bigdaddybrink1 Recovering Alcoholic blip

    Thats excatly wut i just found not even lookin fer it.
  15. Bigdaddybrink1

    Bigdaddybrink1 Recovering Alcoholic blip

  16. thewandererNick

    thewandererNick Seriously Committed

    this is intriguing