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Checking in from Vegas.

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Whiskeywarrior, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Lisa66

    Lisa66 Read my blips

    I must have missed this.... So sorry to see you go, @Whiskeywarrior. I really enjoyed your posts of your handicrafts/art----you're very talented.

    You should have dropped by the "Lounging on the beach" thread. Although I am one of the "left" people you speak of, I have been a regular over there and was a regular with those people on the previous beach thread on another huge vaping forum for years......in spite of the fact that most of them hold political views strongly opposed to mine. It's just accepted that we are who we are and we embrace that, with only a few......outbursts. Everybody has their bad days, occasionally.

    I'm very sorry you feel that there is an air of censorship here, but I believe that this cannot be further from the truth. We censor ourselves; "management" doesn't, unless there is an absolute a-hole involved that is just here to try to stir things up. Any "censorship" you may experience on the part of members here only relates to the respect that we all try to afford each other. It's a group effort, and that's why we all like it here. It doesn't work 100% but it does work most of the time.

    If you even come back and see this, I hope you reconsider. In fact, there is a ton of vaping info on the latest products in the Alternate Universe thread, interwoven with social stuff. You might be missing out.
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