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BD PIF Box 1! Let's Do This Thing

Discussion in 'PIF Boxes and Items' started by Morris Parker, Apr 12, 2015.

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  1. Morris Parker

    Morris Parker Custom Blip

    Sign-ups are open.

    Current participant list and box status updated 12/17/2015

    @Morris Parker - NC (moving to after ki4uwk for round 4 and beyond)
    @Momabear - LA
    @Byter - ID
    @Pauly Walnuts - PA
    @Heather - NY
    @mogium - FL
    @glassgrl - SC
    @ki4uwk - NC
    @Morris Parker - NC
    @100%VG - LA
    @Shawn Hoefer - AR
    @MRSpivey - TN
    @InMyImage - IN

    New Site Members: Users are required to be members of VB for at least 30 days and have at least 50 posts not counting contest entries before they can join the box.

    Number of Participants: This particular box is limited to a maximum of 25 participants. It is common for some people to drop out of the box at the end of a round and then new members can join for the next round. If a current round does not have 25 participants then see "New Participants" below.

    New participants: New participants will be added to the end of the list, or if their location would logically place them somewhere earlier then the choice to wait longer will be up to the members who come after the spot where they would potentially be inserted.

    Turnaround Time: 2-3 business days

    Postage: Priority mail with tracking. Tip: Postage can be purchased on-line and printed to save about $2.00.

    Pictures: Pictures are definitely encouraged, but not absolutely required. Pictures enhance the excitement over the box and also help others feel like other members are swapping stuff into and out of the box fairly. We all realize that some vapers are either new or do not have very much equipment and will tend to take more from the box than they add and they should be comfortable doing this.

    PIF'ing to Family and Friends: If you wish to remove items from the box for a family member or very close friend, you MUST ask the group for permission because one or more members of the group may very well be waiting for the box to get to them so they have the opportunity to get that item. After members have had adequate time to respond, @InMyImage as the manager of this box will make the final decision on whether the item can be PIF'd to the family member or friend who is not a member of the box.

    Going AWOL: If a member of the box is going to be absent from the site for a while due to medical issues, travel, etc. please communicate this to the group or the manager of the box, @InMyImage. If a member goes AWOL for a couple of weeks without notice and their turn comes up, they will be skipped until they return and actively participate in the forum again.
    When receiving the box first decide what you would benefit from and please add whatever you no longer use that is in good condition. This is a "Pay It Forward" box, so it is understood that not all members will have anything to contribute to the box.

    After you receive the box, be sure to send a PM to @InMyImage and I will send you the information for the next participant. Please be sure to PM me the tracking info as well as posting the number in the thread. Sending me a PM is important because as the sole admin/moderator of the forum I do sometimes get busy and am not able to keep up on the threads as well as I normally would.

    If the box gets to big to fit into a medium flat rate USPS Priority Mail box, please reduce the amount of wicking material. If it still will not all fit into a medium box, send pictures of the contents to @InMyImage and I will help you figure out how to get it all to fit by helping you decide what to remove. Frequently there are boxes inside the box and these would be the first step to reducing the bulk inside the box. If that still won't get it all into a Medium size box, let the group know and we can collectively decide if we should split it into 2 boxes and form a new 2nd box, donate some of the contents to a different box, or just continue on with a large box.

    If you notice that based on an average of 2 days with the box, plus 2-3 days shipping between participants, that it looks like you may not be able to receive or send out the box as expected based on your current position in the list, let me know and I'll work with you to move you further down in the list.

    If you have any questions or issues do not hesitate to contact me.


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  2. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Blessed blip!

    Sent... I am in! :D :D
  3. Cruel-Phate

    Cruel-Phate Bronco blip!

    I am in, pm sent, I forgot to post here :roll:
  4. glassgrl

    glassgrl Blippertigibbit

    Sign up list- moved to 1st post
  5. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Blessed blip!

    It is only a 30 minute edit for now but Bill will edit if need be.
    Maybe wait until sign up is closed and get the list add to post one.
    Until then you can add in another post?
  6. glassgrl

    glassgrl Blippertigibbit

    OK, thanks! I hate to bother him, he should be sleeping more.
  7. Momabear

    Momabear More than a blip! PIF Box Organizer

    Hey count me in..... Imma pm you when I get back to my computer
  8. BenJammin

    BenJammin Fantasy Football King

    SENT! thanks gg!
  9. Geauxst

    Geauxst A Banished Ghost of the Past

  10. glassgrl

    glassgrl Blippertigibbit

    Plenty of room! I'll put you on the list when I get your info. :)
  11. Donald Bickers

    Donald Bickers Banished Blip Vendor

    sending now Becca
  12. ghost62

    ghost62 Goes Blip In The Night Staff Member Moderator Vendor Safe Zone Moderator

    I'm in.
    Got a couple of goodies I can kick in...
    Should be interesting.

    Sending info now
  13. Pauly Walnuts

    Pauly Walnuts More than a blip!

  14. glassgrl

    glassgrl Blippertigibbit

    Great start guys! I'll take some pictures of the goodies tomorrow.
  15. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    Sending you my info momentarily, but I changed the edit settings until I can put more thought into a scheme that meets our needs better... so you can move the user list to the 1st post to make it easier to find.

  16. Cruel-Phate

    Cruel-Phate Bronco blip!

    Can we random select/draw the order, I don't want to be first or second again lol "I was first on last box and I am still waiting for it to make it's rounds again :)
  17. Donald Bickers

    Donald Bickers Banished Blip Vendor

    interesting 7 of 10 are from the 5.0 box
  18. Cruel-Phate

    Cruel-Phate Bronco blip!

    I think Moma wanted in and I think Just Me, I bet Russ would be interested
  19. Donald Bickers

    Donald Bickers Banished Blip Vendor

    that post was before mamas post saying she wanted in
  20. Donald Bickers

    Donald Bickers Banished Blip Vendor

    Hmmm,,,,,,Moma wants in,,,,,,,just don't read that out of context,,,,,,,she is dirty minded
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