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Awaiting Vape Mail

Discussion in 'Vape Mail' started by Ld3441, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Blessed blip!

    As some of you know, I have been searching for a certain wood mod for a long time. It seems nobody makes what I really want but I am in hopes that what I just purchased will be close. I am in no way a rich person in fact I am probably poorer than most. LOL When I purchase a mod I do however try to buy things that will last, good quality and do my best to take care of it. I have some that I am happy with but they are just not quite what I want. When this mod arrives, I will have a couple of others for sale. This is not a brag post at all and I don't want anyone to ever think I am trying to be a show off/ look what I got type of thing. I am actually a bit nervous about this purchase and I hope it is all I want it to be. Here is what I am waiting for to travel across the pond to me...

    Lets see if that works.
  2. moecat

    moecat No sodding blips to give

    Let me guess: you like compass symbols ;)

    Who makes those?
  3. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Blessed blip!

    LOL The compass is the one thing I don't really care for. It is made by TB mods
    What I do like is it is a squonker but is also regulated. I want wood but also not too big.
    Very hard to find.
    While I can build coils, it is not something I like to do and all the aspects of getting it just right for the "hit" I want.
    So I think this may work better for me.
  4. moecat

    moecat No sodding blips to give

    Do they have a website with a link, please?
  5. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Blessed blip!

    Actually they don't. When they make these they are sold at a couple of places.

    TB Mods has a FB page which is where I started with these. A few weeks after showing my interest, the sent me a PM saying the next batch was ready if I was interested.
  6. moecat

    moecat No sodding blips to give

    .... which is why you won't be saving money until next year, per your signature ... got it ;)
  7. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Blessed blip!

    LMAO!! That has been there for a couple of years now. I am always hopeful!
    DIY flavors got me last year so maybe next year I won't need/want much?
  8. moecat

    moecat No sodding blips to give

    It's ok, I fully understand.

    The GPROV regulated mod has been a bucket list item for me recently - http://www.boxes-bases.com/products/85_GProv-Mod - but even that doesn't completely have all the features I want. Note that he makes a bottom feeder, too. ;)

    I hope your mod is everything you hope for, too, LD.

    Will definitely be interested to see what it looks like and to read your thoughts on it.
  9. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Blessed blip!

    Wow, that is pretty Moe! Thanks for posting it.

    That is the thing that gets me... everything is bigger these days and I don't want big.
    I would really like the above with a 18490/18500 battery but I don't think it will ever exist.
    I'll let you know what I think once it arrives.
  10. glassgrl

    glassgrl Blippertigibbit

    Those are sharp! I love the little dovetail detail. I'm not a fan of all the woodburning logos I've seen either. Some almost completely obliterate the wood, so what's the point. The compass is small with a light touch and well done. We need to see when you get yours!
  11. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Blessed blip!

    Thanks GG! I am nervous about it. I am hoping I can do "something" with that compass but if the vape is what I want, I'll deal with it.

    I still love the one I bought from you but I want more power which is why I went regulated. I suck at getting coils in that sweet spot and don't have the time or patience to deal with it.

    Did I say I am real nervous about this purchase? :lol:
  12. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    LOL. When I search TB Mods all I get is tuberculosis test kits! Is this one an 18650 or the smaller ones you were searching for? Ooh, I just enlarged the pic...they're pretty. Hope you're happy with what you get.
  13. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Blessed blip!

    It's an 18650 single battery.
  14. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    Which one are you actually getting. It looks like the ones in the picture are all different colors. Or did you buy them all...?
  15. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Blessed blip!

    I am lucky to get one... no way could I get more than one.
    First choice is the second one, second choice is the first one.
  16. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Blessed blip!

    This has been in NY since the 12th and no movement. Should I be worried?
    I know it takes time but ... really?
  17. moecat

    moecat No sodding blips to give

    I would contact both the seller and the shipping sevice. It's very odd that there's no movement for 6 days, assuming this is a domestic shipment.

    Of course, there's still the chance that it could arrive today.
  18. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Blessed blip!

    It came from across the pond so I expected some delay. Just wasn't sure how long is normal.
  19. moecat

    moecat No sodding blips to give

    I think 1 week is pretty typical for a package to be held in customs. Since it's probably small and light, I have a hard time imagining it would be stuck there than that.
  20. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Blessed blip!

    Thanks Moe, I'll look for it next week then.
    If I don't see it by Friday, I'll send a search party. :)