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Always a Flaw

Discussion in 'Rebuildable Tanks aka RTA's' started by muth, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    I was just thinking about two of my single coil RTAs, the Serpent Mini 25mm and the Bachelor. Both known for their flavor. However, their decks (specifically the wicking system) couldn't be more different. The Bachelor has, IMO, the most efficient wicking system but a flippy floppy top cap. Efficient because the juice doesn't have to travel far to get to the wick. I've never had a dry hit.

    The Serpent Mini 25mm has a great design as far as the top cap and filling system goes but the wicking system? It's like a carp jumping up a waterfall. The juice has to defy gravity to reach the coil. If you don't prepare your wick properly you could get a dry hit. By contrast, you don't have to think twice with the Bachelor. But with the Bachelor's loose, floppy top fill cap, you're likely to lose your juice if it becomes dislodged. With my experience, this is destined to happen at some point. I've secured them with vape bands for preventative measures.

    Not necessary to watch the entire vids, I just wanted to point out the differences when it comes to wicking these very different RTAs. As far as flavor goes, IMO, I think they're both very good. The Serpent will deliver more vapor because of it's ability to accommodate larger wire, airflow. Though they both fit 3-3.5mm coils, the Bachelor postless holes are small (26mm fits, maybe 24mm, IDK, I haven't tried).