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    Freemax Official Vape Shop Online Launched Now, Sep 6, 2022
  1. Freemaxvape

    Good news! Another new Freemax activity comes again. This time, you will be the lucky winner to win the grand prize of $300 or the upcoming products of the full-spectrum vaping family, the Galex Kit and the Galex Nano Kit.


    How to join the activity?

    You just need to post your sparkling moment (have to be with the light) on Instagram, tag @freemaxvape, hashtag #sparksoffreemaxers, and mention your three friends in the text.

    What are the prizes from Freemax?

    1. The grand prize of $300 will go to the most stunning picture we repost on @Freemaxvape.
    2. We'll also choose five pictures that we find particularly creative or significant to win the special prize of a full-spectrum package, including two upcoming Freemax products and a Razer gaming keyboard.

    Please click here to join the activity directly>> https://www.freemaxvape.com/sparks-of-freemaxers
  2. Freemax Official Vape Shop Online Launched Now, Jul 21, 2022
  3. Freemaxvape

    Hi, Freemaxers! Good news! Now participants will get a chance to win a Limited Edition Marvos X 100W (Cerulean) + LED Luminous Glasses. Pick your favorite light mode to win a limited edition!

    What are the rules?
    1. Pick your favorite LED mode video and share it on your social media platforms, add hashtag #ledvaping #Fullspectrumvaping, and follow & tag Freemaxvape.
    2. Three winners will be picked from the tag to win a Limited Edition Marvos X 100W (Cerulean) + LED Luminous Glasses.
    3. The duration of the event is 2022.7.21-2022.8.4.

    Please click here to participate in this activity directly>> https://www.freemaxvape.com/full-spectrum-vaping-for-pod-mod


    How do you like this Freemax Marvos X 100W Pod Mod Kit? If you are interested in it, please seize the chance. Maybe you are the lucky one to get one for free.
  4. YOCAN UNI Pro Box Mod - Taste the Rainbow, Jun 24, 2022
  5. Yocan

    #REPOST “How I wanna ‘Taste the Rainbow’ Featuring D8 Carts & the Yocan Uni Pro by Yocan! This is personally one of my favorite batteries, I love the handheld design, display screen, & adjustability for different cartridges. The vibrant colors are beautiful and eye-catching and the matte black, sleek and discreet.”
    Get more on Yocan Official website: www.yocan.com
    View attachment 16876
  6. Freemax Official Vape Shop Online Launched Now, Apr 13, 2022
  7. Freemaxvape

    Hi, Freemaxers! Good News! Do you want to be the first person to try the latest product Maxus Solo 100W Kit? Here comes the best chance again. Now please participate in the Maxus Solo 100W activity, and you will have a chance to win a Maxus Solo 100W limited edition.


    First, you need to customize your Maxus Solo online as you like, 6 colors and patterns of the mod can be chosen, more importantly, you can adjust the lights with up to 132651 colors!!

    Second, please share the Maxus Solo you customized on IG/FB with #FullSpectrumVaping and #MaxusSolo100W, and then you will have a chance to win a Maxus Solo 100W limited edition.

    Please click here to enter this activity: https://www.freemaxvape.com/win-maxus-solo-100w-kit

    Must-Follow and tag @Freemaxvape & @freemaxvapefan.

    Activity Time: 2022/4/12-2022/5/05

    How many winners are there in the Maxus Solo 100W activity? What will the winners get?
    Note: 3 lucky fans will be picked from the tag by Freemax to win a Maxus Solo 100W limited edition (Which contains a Maxus Solo 100W kit, FL1-D Mesh Coil, FL2 Mesh Coil, FL3 Mesh Coil, and One LED Luminous Glass. ).
  8. Freemax Official Vape Shop Online Launched Now, Dec 17, 2021
  9. Freemaxvape

    The second stage of Dreaming Back to Sub Ohm Era begins, and the valid time is from 14th, Dec to 21st, Dec. The topic of the second stage is to play with M Pro.

    How long have you vaped on M Pro? Share everything about you and M Pro, tell us why you choose M Pro, then get the chance to win the golden limited edition of Maxus 50W & Maxus 100W, and our new product, Maxus Max 168W!

    For more information about this activity, please click here>> https://www.freemaxvape.com/dreaming-back-to-sub-ohm-era-with-m-pro


    What are the prizes for the winners?
    Freemax will select 20 winners from the participants who tag with #PlaywithMPro.
    1. Most Liked Award: Freemax Maxus Max Limited Edition Set - 2 winners
    2. Biggest Cloud Award: Maxus Max 168W Kit - 5 winners
    3. Best Vape Tricks Award: $300 Cash - 2 winners
    4. Best M Pro Photo Award: Maxus 100W Limited Golden Edition - 1 winner
    5.10 Lucky Fans: Maxus 50W Limited Golden Edition - 10 winners

    Maybe you are the lucky one! Seize the chance now!
  10. Freemax Official Vape Shop Online Launched Now, Dec 9, 2021
  11. Freemaxvape

    Have you already joined Freemax’s activity of “Dreaming Back to Sub Ohm Era”? By joining in this activity, you will have a chance to win Freemax Maxus 200W Golden Limited Edition.

    So do you know how to win Freemax Maxus 200W Golden Limited Edition?


    Here are the steps below:
    1. Download and save the picture
    Please click here to download the picture: https://www.freemaxvape.com/dreaming-back-to-sub-ohm-era
    2. Share to Instagram, Facebook, follow @Freemaxvape, and tag #freemaxvape #Mpro3Mtank
    3. From 2021.12.3 to 2021.12.6, We will select one winner every day from the participants who tag us.

    Note: Winners will be announced on Freemax’s activity page at 2021.12.13.
  12. Wotofo MDura Mini 80W, Less Weight More Power, Jul 6, 2021
  13. Gina

    Wotofo MDura Mini Mod is an 80W box mod powered by single 18650 battery. There is a Up/Down button on the bottom for you to adjustable output wattage between 5-80W. Utilizing nexCHIP, MDura Mini Mod features 0.001s firing speed. A 0.96 inch TFT screen will show you vaping information and help you use this mod easily.

    High-calss leather wrap
    Single 18650 battery
    0.96 inch TFT screen
    Supports 0.001s firing speed with nexCHIP
    Adjustable output wattage between 5-80W
    Type-C 2A fast charging

    Wotofo MDura Mini 80W Box Kit is a compact side-by-side device with light-weight and high-class leather wrap. Wotofo MDura Mini 80W Kit consists of Wotofo MDura Mini 80W Mod and nexMINI Subtank. Wotofo nexMINI Subtank is a leakproof tank with child lock. Wotofo nexMINI comes with Rugged 3.5ml PCTG tube and 4.5ml glass tube with top filling design. nexMINI Sub Ohm Tank includes two coils: #D43 Clapton Mesh Coil for rich and strong flavor and #D41 A1 nexMESH Coil for smoother hit. Wotofo nexMINI tank also supports adjustable bottom airflow.

    More details for MDura Mini
    MDura Mini Mod >> https://www.3fvape.com/50625-wotofo-mdura-mini.html
    MDura Mini Mod Kit >> https://www.3fvape.com/50621-wotofo-mdura-mini-mod-kit.html
  14. Freemax Official Vape Shop Online Launched Now, Dec 1, 2020
  15. Freemaxvape

    Have you already joined in the activity to design Freemax Maxpod Circle Pod System by yourself? Freemax has already selected the Top 9 designs from #createmaxpodcircle and published the top 9 designs on the activity page. Now what you can do is just to vote for the designs you like. The top 3 will be the 3 ones with the most votes. The votes will end on 5th, Dec. Now there are only four days left and please seize the chance.

    The activity page for you to vote the top 3 designs here>> https://www.freemaxvape.com/best-design-maxpod-circle-kit


    The list of all winners will be announced on Freemax official vape website.
    1. Top 3 will get Maxpod Circle designed by themselves, Freemax T-shirt, bag, and hat.
    2. Top 4-Top 9 will also get prizes: Maxpod Circle(standard edition), Freemax T-shirt, bag, and hat
    3. 6 lucky voters will be selected. They will get a Maxpod Circle designed by Top 3
  16. Alternate Universe Too..., Nov 16, 2020
  17. muth

    LMAO. I'm liking the Gold Ducat even more (3%) but could go a smidge higher. Have you tried that one yet #slacker ?:p It's very tasty and could see it in mixes. I do not pick up on the spicy notes of anise and cloves that a few report. If I did I would puke.
  18. Alternate Universe Too..., Nov 15, 2020
  19. glassgrl

    I haven't even tried it yet. #slackass


    we got that a little while ago. It blew by really fast but it was kinda scary for 20 minutes or so.