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Safe Zone

Special forum for discussing significant physical, mental and emotional issues in a supportive atmosphere.

This forum is only open to approved members. Send requests to join to InMyImage with a brief description of the personal issue that supports your inclusion in the group. This description will only be seen by InMyImage.

The purpose of this group is to provide a safe, supportive environment for discussion of significant personal issues that users may not want known about or discussed in the public forum. Any mention of issues discussed in this forum made outside of it will be deleted and the member warned and potentially dismissed from the group depending on the severity of the outside post or repeat offenses.

Note that unlike other forums, members will have the ability to delete content in this forum, but all deleted content will be reviewed by InMyImage to ensure that it was not an attack or significant negative comment directed at another member.

Members will also have the ability to request that another user be banned from replying to threads they created if they do not want another member to be able to comment on that thread. Reply bans do not prevent a user from seeing posts in the thread, but they will not be able to post replies to any posts in the affected thread.

Any kind of personal attacks or significant negative comment directed at another member will be grounds for dismissal from the group, and depending on the severity potentially being banned from VapingBlips.com

Any questions, issues, concerns or requests for membership should be directed to InMyImage via PM

Due to the nature of this forum, ghost62 is going to help me moderate this special forum to make sure that someone is available who can help manage the group when I am away. He has proven himself in the past to be a level headed individual who can mediate issues and provide guidance when necessary.

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