What is the most effective non-narcotic pain medication?

Discussion in 'Prescription Medicines' started by InMyImage, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. InMyImage

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    What is the most effective non-narcotic pain medication you have taken?

    I have an appointment with my pain management doctor in 2 weeks and want to research some good non-narcotic pain medications to potentially discuss with him.

    So... what have you tried and how did they work?
  2. Fishee

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    I need answers to this question too!
  3. Donald Bickers

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    I broke my back in a motorcycle accident about 25 yrs ago,,,,,,,,,did amazingly well until about 3 yrs ago,im thinking my age has a lot to do with this,I would be very interested in this to discuss options with my doctor
  4. Ozone

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    The only effective non-narcotic pain medication, that I know will work,.. is a 45. Nothing else does. All. meds have a little poison in them. Good luck Bill on your quest.
  5. kelli

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    i don't know if i should say this here, but i have a couple friends who swear the only thing that helps their pain is cannabis. would that be considered a narcotic?
  6. Ozone

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    No it's just an herb.:D
  7. InMyImage

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    Sorry to respond late, it's been a long week since the wedding I attended last Saturday. Decided to let loose and have a good time with Shelly, and well... I don't regret a thing, but my back definitely reminded me that there is a heavy cost for having a good time nowadays...

    My issue isn't with medications themselves, just looking for prescription strength alternatives that are not classified as actual narcotics. There are lots of things that are not, like Ibuprofen in prescription strengths, but IB is hard on your stomach.

    Unfortunately because of new gov't regulations, anyone taking narcotic pain medications regularly have to have drug screenings every 3 months. It's a pain to get the medicines to help my pain now :(

    I have had really good luck with my Butrans pain patches and think I'm going to ask for a higher strength, but know that I will still need pills available to take on bad days. I'm hoping to start doing some tinkering around in the garage here soon, and that means there will definitely be bad days vs good days.

    Cannabis is something that I will try, but not until it is legal for prescription in Indiana because I can't risk my access to legal meds. I know that the state gov't has been talking about it for a while, just don't think it's actually going to make it's way through the system for a while yet.
  8. Wuzznt Me

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    When they stopped making Darvocet my physician prescribed Tramadol. At the time it had just become a controlled substance instead of otc. She said it wasn't a narcotic. I've been using it for several years two to five nights a week. Sometimes I can go for weeks without but when my back hurts and I can't sleep one a couple of hours before bedtime gives me a nights sleep. Sometimes I lay down and feel fine only to wake up a couple of hours later in excruciating pain. Take one, sit up for about an hour and sleep the rest of the night. Never found an otc that will touch the pain.
  9. InMyImage

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    I have heard of Tramadol, seems like I remember @cherrycakes mentioning it. I did see it as one of the non-narcotic options.

    I realize it has been a long time, but can you compare the effectiveness of the Tramadol vs the Darvocet? And have you ever tried any of the codone's?
  10. Wuzznt Me

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    The Tramadol doesn't leave me as foggy next day if I take it late, like tonight lol. I've had plenty of codones, oxy, hydro during cancer treatment and after surgeries along with my share of morphine. I can handle oxy if necessary but hydro leaves me with one hell of a hangover. I have to be careful with such things due to a problem I have. I never take any of them more than a day after surgery and ditch the rest. Guess I'll try laying down again.
  11. InMyImage

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    how do you compare the effectiveness of the Tramadol to the codones?

    I take Norco 10-325's on top of the Butrans patch and my everyday pain meds Gralise and Daypro.
  12. jmur

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    IMI, I'm not sure I believe there IS a non-narcotic pain reliever that is as effective as the prescription variety. Just my opinion. I have five herniated discs, have refused a double fusion because of other bad results I've seen, and the only thing that lets me at least cope with it is Oxycodone (Percocet). Yeah, it's a PITA to go to the doctors. For years my regular GP prescribed them, now I have to go to a "pain clinic" since he retired. And be tested for other drugs. I find it demeaning. I'm 63, I grew up in the 60's, sheesh, if I was gonna do myself in with drugs I surely wouldn't have lasted this long! I feel like a teenager, at best, and a parolee at worst when I have to give a "sample". But...this is the new medical/healthcare structure. I'll tell you what, my retired doctor (after 30 years of seeing him) knew volumes more about me than any pain clinic can.

    I kind of strayed from your original question (sorry), but my belief is that the OTC stuff just doesn't help, at least for me.
  13. InMyImage

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    NP, I agree with you about the way the testing makes me feel and is a driver for my question, but just to be clear I'm not asking about experiences with OTC, I asking about non-narcotic prescription pain killers like the Tramadol mentioned in an earlier post.

    When the drug screening started last year I was sickened because I thought it was because I was being suspected of abusing pain killers. Nobody told me that it was because of new gov't regulations that the doctor was trying to comply with. I had to find that out on my own by research.

    Now that I know the testing is the result of a regulation I don't have the same embarrasment that I had when they started doing it, I just don't like the inconvience of the limited scripts and the fact that they have be hand signed and can't be called in anymore. It's a major pain in the ass since I have to get my Rx refilled every 2-3 weeks for 60 Norco 10-325's.
  14. Wuzznt Me

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    So far they've taken care of my pain and are a lot more subtle about it. Everybody is different though. I told my Oncologist I couldn't take the hydrococone. It didn't take care of the pain and made me feel lousy but the oxycodone didn't bother me. He said that was the reverse of most people and the oxy he prescribed for me was stronger. I guess it depends on the pain itself and how each of us react to it. As a recovering alcoholic I have to be careful with anything that puts me in an altered state. Drug addiction has never been a problem for me so far. I had a little problem with Heroin back in the late 60s which I got rid of in a hotel in San Fransisco before I came home and it's never called me back.
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  15. InMyImage

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    Congrats on the sobriety. I was on Percocet originally but asked to switch to Norco because I like to switch up my meds periodically because they tend to lose effectiveness over time.

    I'm not really concerned about addiction simply because it hasn't been an issue in the past but do keep in mind the potential.
  16. InMyImage

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    Being reminded just how effective my Butrans patches are today :(

    Because I feel like I need to be able to accurately describe the source of my pain, I removed it on Monday in preparation for me pain management doctor appt tomorrow and really feeling it today.

    I definitely recommend these things as an alternative to pills and narcotics.
  17. Heather

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    I am very late to this post because I have been in and out of the hospital. Anyways for non narcotic pain medicines I use Lyrica. It worked quite well at first but at this point I think it is less effective. I have been on the same dose for several years. I do notice a difference if I happen to run out though so maybe it is more effective than I think. I also take narcotics on a daily basis though and can relate to your struggles with the pain clinic. The Lyrica is subtle and an overall body experience, if that makes any sense. I feel that the narcotics are more in your head, like you don't think the pain is there.
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  18. cherrycakes

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    I love ultram. But that's borderline narcotic

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  19. cherrycakes

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    And it is not as strong as hydrocodone.

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  20. cherrycakes

    cherrycakes The struggle is real

    I also love my cbd oil. I rub it on my back for muscle spasms and vape it. It has potentially saved me from several useless ER visits

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