Vaptia Wall Crawler Throne Kit Review

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    Vaptia Wall Crawler Throne Kit

    Retails for $75.00

    I received this kit from Ancy at Vaptio…(Thank you Ancy) to test & write this review…

    Wall Crawler Mod:

    I love the mod….It’s small, about the size of the Pico just a little heavier…..

    It had a pretty rainbow colored circle with Watts, Volts, Ohms, mode and battery left..inside the circle is High, Normal or Soft depending on what mode you choose.

    You can also change the ramp up in CCW (4 memories) or CCT (4 memories)

    Also TC Mode has SS, NI, or TI TCR-1, TCR-2 & T-Criteria you can adjust +50 or - 50(sliding bar)...

    You can adjust the vape time & standby time in the menu.

    It had a 1.3” color screen

    7-80 Watts

    Resistance range .05-2.0 ohm

    TC 200-600 *F

    Uses 1 18650 battery

    Throne Tank:

    I love the look of this tank….the gold is so classy……

    I understand some don’t like the rubber stopper….I do!!! does make it a little more difficult to fill as you have to maneuver the tip of the bottle down & inward to fill but after a few times it becomes second nature...and if you have ever tipped the mod while filling you will appreciate even more……I also love that you can control the juice flow into the coil by a simple twist of the cap. It holds 2 ml’s of juice

    The kit includes:

    1 Wall Crawler mod

    1 Throne Tank

    1 D-1 coil (.25 ohm coil)

    1 D-2 coil (1.2 ohm coil)

    1 Cable

    1 user manual

    I love the mod…..the gold & black tank has been giving me issues so I took out the coil & put it in the silver & gold one that was sent previously. I think the glass doesn’t fit quite right on the black one….it was leaking all over, and that’s a shame since it’s smoked colored glass…...I will clean it up and try again…


    This mod is perfect for both beginning & experienced vapers….
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