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Usonicig Rhythm UltraSonic E-cigarette| Ultrasonic Vaporizer| Ultrasonic Vape Cleanser

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by Elegomall, May 9, 2018.

  1. Elegomall

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    Usonicig Rhythm UltraSonic E-cigarette| Ultrasonic Vape Cleanser

    Hey folks,
    which technology surprises you the most?
    Ultrasonic E-cig must be the one of the most impressive ideas!!!

    USONICIG Rhythm UltraSonic E-cig >>> $71.90

    Here comes the breaking news for vapers! Allow us to introduce the latest Ultrasonic E-cigarette - Usonicig Rhythm Ultrasonic Vaporizer Starter Kit. Equipped with a built-in 1500mAh battery and 2ml Ultra Sound tank, the rhythm is a revolutionary and powerful vaping device with an ergonomic design and stylish apperance. Rhythm Ultrasonic will turn E-Liquid into vapor using Ultra Sonic vibrations, instead of a traditional coil.


    The most outstanding feature is the bold design of the fire button combine music element with the mechanical principle, bring you both visual and tactile enjoyment. The Ultrasonic E-Cig Kit adopts the newly replaceable Rhythm Ultrasonic Tank that vibrates at 2,400,000 times per second. Along with beautiful indication of power design, brilliant lights build on the advanced indication and protection functions, USONICIG Rhythm E-cig will give amazing vaping experience!


    Physical Parameter:

    Capacity: 2.0ml
    Battery Capacity: 1500mah
    Kit Size: 96 * 51 * 38mm
    Tank Size: 49.5 * 23 * 22mm
    Ultrasonic Frequency: 2.4MHz
    Charging Time: ≤ 2 hours

    The exclusive tank to pair that with
    USONICIG RHYTHM Ultrasonic Tank

    USONICIG RHYTHM Ultrasonic Pod is the first atomizer that uses ultrasonic technology to convent e-liquid into vapor. No coil to heat the pod, therefore you don't need to worry about dry hits, burnt taste and harmful chemical emissions anymore. With the ceramic chip inside, high-frequency vibration hits e-liquid thoroughly into tiny molecules to provide the purest and smoothest flavor. Designed in square tank shape, it has two top filling slots for e-juice feeding and you can easily rotate the mouthpiece to reveal them.
    Physical Parameter:

    Pod Capacity: 2ml
    Frequency: 2,400,000 times per second
    Fit for: USONICIG Rhythm UltraSonic Vaping Kit


    1. Ceramic chip with high frequency vibration to hit e-liquid into tiny molecules
    2. Coil-free structure, no dry hits, burnt taste and harmful chemical emissions
    3. New cross airflow system absolutely avoids crackling
    4. Perfect square tank shape
    5. Leaking-free top feeding design and self-cleaning functio

    Taking advantage of ultrasonic technology,
    this device might be appealing to you as well.

    Vaporesso Energystash Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Vaporesso Energystash Ultrasonic Cleaner is specially designed for cleaning RDA, RTA, metal atomizer parts, screws, O-rings, glass tanks and drip tips. Get it for healthy and clean vaping experience!

    Main Feature:

    1. Large Stainless Steel Tank for more atomizers
    2. Transparent View Lid
    3. Moisture-proofed and anti-corrosion material
    4. Long Life Cycle Rechargeable Battery
    5. Quiet Operation

    Get it here >>> UltraSonic vape cleanser

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