Tried any Cannoli juices?

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    I have been vaping for last one year now. Since then I've always tried to find new flavors. One of my fav flavors is the cannoli ejuice- It has a delectable natural sweetness of banana in every creamy inhale and a flaky crust taste on the exhale.

    I’ve already tried other flavor, but this is one of the finest banana cannoli flavors I came to know about. The delicate flavor notes and a smooth body vape make it delicious

    It is the perfect flavor for every sweet lover. I was introduced to cannoli by one of my friends, who has been in to vaping for more than 5 years now.

    My experience with them was outstanding. Try it and you will be addicted to it.
  2. ghost62

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    I might have to try that one.
    A couple of my favorites are Soully Cannoli from 80V and Cassadaga's Cannoli Be Nuts
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    I've only had the first Cannoli be One.