Tips To Maintain Smooth Hits From Your Cannabis Vaporizer

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    In Search Of “Great” Hits!

    So you have just purchased your vaporizer, good for you! Now if you are an experienced vaper or a greenhorn, you should know right now that there are good hits and there are “great” hits. If you are wondering what “great” hits are, well they are those absolutely smooth and flawless hits that every self-respecting vaper craves.

    What you should know is that there are plausible reasons why your cannabis vaporizer can not achieving those smooth hits test you desired. This article will give you are insight into why you may be having good hits but not great hits and how to make vape smoother.

    Does Your Vaporizer Have A Temperature Setting?

    The first thing you need to know on how to make vape smoother is that your vaporizer device really matters. Your choice of vaporizer as well as the product that it vaporizes is something that should be considered. The device can influence the quality of the flavour generated. If you want to vaporize cannabis and your desire is to know have a smoother vape with your cannabis vaporizer, just make sure that you buy a device that comes with a temperature setting.

    Having a cannabis vaporizer with a temperature setting is essential if you want to avoid heating the cannabis to a point of combustion which will amount to smoking rather than vaping. If combustion occurs you will produce a harsh and unpleasant vapour. What you will get is a burnt smell which is really not nice and not make vape smoother.

    By having a cannabis vaporizer with a temperature setting you will be able adjust your device to the ideal heating temperature that will enable it vaporize and not burn the cannabis. This is how to make vape smoother and give you the satiafaction of vaping with each hit.

    You should also look out for a cannabis vaporizer that comes with a LED screen that allows you monitor your heating temperature. Cannabis like every vaping product has a specific temperature setting, so it is important to get a cannabis vaporizer that allows you to set the temperature accordingly. With the right temperature setting would would not need to ask how to make vape smoother as you will be able to achieve a smooth hit with each use.

    Cool Your Cannabis Vaporizer Before Each Hit

    If you have purchased a cannabis vaporizer with a temperature setting mechanism, good for you! It means that you taken crucial steps to answer the question of how to make vape smoother. By now you should most likely be getting smooth hits with the temperature setting regulated to vaporize your dry cannabis.

    If you are looking for other ways on how to make vape smoother, you can allow your device to cool a bit just before you proceed to inhale the vapour generated. If your device is a convection type cannabis vaporizer it means it utilises a heating chamber where the cannabis is placed.

    With the convection type of cannabis vaporizer, air will be heated and then this heated air will flow through the heating chamber onto your mouthpiece. By allowing the vaporized cannabis to cool a bit before inhalation will allow you to inhale the vapour which will be gentle to your lungs.

    However, what determines the cooling of the vapour just before you inhale it has to do with the design of the cannabis vaporizer. A vaporizer that uses a glass-based mouthpiece is believed to be ideal if you want to get a smooth and cool vapour straight to your lungs. You can also get a vaporizer that is compatible with special filters which are attachments that are sold differently, but help to filter out the vapour and get it cooled with the use of water.

    One other attachment is a bag which can be used to capture the vapour generated by your vaporizer device. You will leave the vapour in the bag for between 5 to 10 minutes in order to cool. Once the vapour is cool you can then inhale the smooth vapour directly from the bag.

    If you are worried about the quality of the vapour diminishing while in the bag and left for the length of time stated, you really have nothing to worry about. The vapour can actually stay in the bag for a couple of hours before it wears out or dissipates. So when next you are asked how to make vape smoother you can refer to the answers provide in this article.