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The Sigelei 150W Box Mod

Discussion in 'Regulated Mods' started by 100%VG, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    The Sigelei 150W Box Mod

    This is a review of the Sigelei 150W Box Mod from Heaven Gifts, which I was sent from a Contest Win.
    Four-Day Shipping from China!!! Fantastic!!!



    • Dimension: 103 x 58 x 23mm
    • Material: Aluminum Alloy
    • Colors: Black, Blue, Red, & Silver
    • Lowest atomizer resistance: 0.1Ω to 3.0Ω . . . edited in after calling Sigelei USA
    • Wattage range: 10w - 150w
    • Max Output Amps: Up to Battery Limits . . . edited in after calling Sigelei USA
    . . (Up to 40A on the SX 330)
    • Max Output Voltage: 7.5V . . . edited in after verification through testing
    • Battery capacity required: 7.4V - 8.2V

    The Sigelei 150W comes with:

    • 1 x 150W Sigelei
    • 1 x user manual
    • 1 x silicone rubber cover


    • Visual operating system
    • Variable wattage
    • Low voltage protection
    • High voltage warning
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • Low resistance protection
    • Short circuit protection
    • High temperature warning




    Some pages from the Manual





    The Sigelei 150W has a 7.5 Volt Max Output, but I could not find a specification for the Max Amps Output. The lowest atomizer resistance is 0.1Ω, but the highest resistance is not specified.
    (Max Amps Output & Max Ohms were edited in above after calling Sigelei USA)

    I used two atomizers in testing the Sigelei 150W; a Yocan Favotank with a 0.5Ω OCC Head and an EHPro 26650 Tobh RDA (because of its size for building and its airflow). The Sigelei 150W worked flawlessly with the Favotank, but I did not thin the USP VG that I used enough, so I could not test the Favotank above 50 Watts. The juice I used was probably more than 90% VG where my usual ADV is 85% VG; 100% VG thinned with 15% TFA Cinnamon Red Hot in Ethyl Alcohol, so it is PG-Free. The Favotank and 0.5Ω OCC Head has worked perfectly with my ADV juice at up to 50W before.

    In an attempt to test the Sigelei 150W to its full potential, I calculated that (7.5V)² / 150W = 0.375Ω, for the highest resistance that would allow 150 Watts, and that this would draw 20 Amps at 150W. I built a Quad Coil in the EHPro 26650 Tobh using Vapowire 26g Kanthal. I made four 1.5Ω coils so that in Parallel they would make a 0.375Ω setup. I used Blue Box Organic Japanese Cotton and mixed some USP VG, some Distilled Water (to thin it), and about 5% of my ADV 6.5mg Cinnamon Red Hots (for a little flavor) in a 15ml dropper bottle. The mix is about 85% USP VG, with DW and 3 glass eyedroppers of 6.5mg CRH in it. I made this coil setup and juice mix to be able to handle vaping at up to 150W.

    I began testing the Tobh RDA at 30W. I did not anticipate much at 30W with only 7.5W per coil, and there wasn’t, so I moved up to 50W. At 12.5W per 1.5Ω coil, the vapor was great and flavor were very nice (for so little in there). I adjusted up to 60W, then 80W, taking 4-second puffs without issue, and the Sigelei 150W worked flawlessly. When I moved up to 100W, I dripped more juice to fill the RDA and proceeded. I was pleasantly surprised, but when you think about it, this is only 25W per 1.5Ω coil, so none of the vapor is hot... there’s just a whole lot of it!!!

    When I moved up to 100W and then 120W, I started dripping before each new Wattage adjustment, just in case. 120W was quite nice, too, but the RDA was getting pretty warm, and so was the Sigelei 150W. However, I was not really concerned because the Box Mod has many built-in safety features, including High Temperature protection for the circuit board and chip. Some of the heat could have been from my two IMREN 2600mAh, 38A, 18650s, too. They were brand new for this test, and fully charged, but they are not 38A Continuous 18650 batteries, as there is no such thing in an IMR. However, this coil setup should only be drawing 20A at 150W, and these batteries are certainly 20A Continuous, so I continued with my testing.

    I moved up to 135W and was pleasantly surprised again with 33.75W per coil. Great flavor and no real heat to the vapor with this coil setup. It did not burn my mouth or throat, and I only got a dry hit when I didn’t wait long enough for the wicks to saturate the coils again after a vape, or I forgot to drip. I moved to 140W and then 145W (36.25W per coil) with the same amazing results. :D

    When I went to set the Sigelei 150W to its 150 Watt Max, I noticed that it was saying 7.5V, so I adjusted the Wattage down and found that my coil setup was maxing out the Voltage to 7.5V at 145W. I set it to 150W anyway, but there wasn’t any difference that I could tell. However, with the Quad Coil I made, I could take 4-second puffs all the way up to 145W, because that is only 36.25W per coil, and the 26g Vapowire runs pretty cool. The extra spacing between coils, care in positioning the coils for great air coverage, and positioning the wicking for good airflow around every coil made a huge different in the vape. This is covered in my Video Review.

    I built the coils on another Mod because the Sigelei 150W was in the presentation box, still in the plastic wrap, and I wanted to open that on video. I wrapped each coil on a 3/32" drill bit to 1.50Ω as precisely as I could, and that Mod showed them all at 1.50Ω to 1.51Ω (I spent a lot of time on that!). The Quad Coil reading on that Mod was 0.36Ω, but the Ohms reading between Mods can vary. The Sigelei 150W reads it at 0.3Ω, but it does not display hundredths or thousandths of Ohms, so I don’t know exactly where it was on the Sigelei. I wish now that I had built a 0.30Ω Quad Coil, or even a 0.28Ω. Then I could have reached 150W and I would not have Maxed out at 7.5 Volts.

    Evan of Heaven Gifts was very responsive and helpful. We PM’d a few times over the win, before and after shipment (not that there was ever a problem!!!). The Sigelei 150W was delivered to me in 4 days from China! :w00t: I was amazed! If you haven’t watched my Video Review yet, please do, as high compliments are paid to Heaven Gifts and Evan. His service was outstanding, the Sigelei 150W was packaged very professionally and shipped immediately, and his PM replies were prompt and always helpful and informative. I can’t say enough about Evan and Heaven Gifts. If they will pay this kind of attention to a Contest Win, just imagine what they will do for their paying customers. :thumb:
    Hat’s off to Heaven Gifts! . [​IMG] And Thank You again for this fantastic contest win and gift. :toast:

  2. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    I am happily using the Sigelei 150W with the 0.357Ω Quad Coil build in the EHPro 26650 Tobh at 50 Watts. :) Great battery life, too!!! The Sigelei 150W is very efficient!

    I have looked at the numbers on the screen while making Wattage adjustments to see where the Voltage shows a digit change. Since the readout only shows tenths, like 5,2V, instead of 5.24V, I adjust the Wattage up until it changes from, say, 5.1V to 5.2V and look at the Wattage. Then I use the formula:

    (V)² / W = Ω​

    to calculate the Ohms that the Sigelei 150W is using. That is, the Ohms that the Mod is reading for the Coil.

    Apparently, the Sigelei 150W is reading my 0.375Ω build as 0.388Ω. This is why I could not vape in my testing above 145W, as:

    (V)² / Ω = W
    So looking this time at where it changes to 7.5V, for example, as I adjust the Wattage up, I get:

    (7.5V)² / 0.388Ω = 149.97W​

    My 0.388Ω calculation is an Average of having taken several readings and using the 1st formula listed above, but it works perfectly in the calculation example, so the Sigelei 150W is maxing out at 145W with that Quad Coil setup.

    This is only a difference of 0.013Ω, but because Voltage is Squared, the Watts rise and fall exponentially as the resistance varies. It's just Math, but all VW devices set the Voltage to the Coil according to this formula when you set a particular Wattage, by placing its Ohms calculation into the formula. VW is basically a fancy way of doing VV.

    For my next Hat Trick, I intend to build a 0.30Ω Quad Coil. Even if it is detected as 0.32Ω, that will be:

    (V)² / Ω = W
    (7.5V)² / 0.32Ω = 175.8W, which is over 150W.​

    So the Sigelei 150W will set the Voltage according to this:

    √(W * Ω) = V . . . That is, Square Root of (W * Ω) = V
    √(150W * 0.32Ω) = 6.928V, which is well within range.​

    The Amps would be:

    V / Ω = A
    6.928V / 0.32Ω = 21.65A, which should still be in a safe range for my batteries.

    Solving for Ω in V / Ω = A we get Ω = V / A. The Sigelei 150W uses this to calculate Ohms.​

    Guess I'll see if I notice a difference in the vape between 145W and 150W, looking for a Max Amp limitation. I really wish a Max Output Amps spec had been provided!

    Wow! Check this out . . .

    Mine says YH SX330 V8.05
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2015
  3. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    So I called Sigelei USA to ask about Max Ohms and Max Output Amps, because they are not specified in the Manual. The phone was answered within 3 rings and I was immediately connected to a Tech.

    Max Ohms = 3.0Ω
    Ohms Range = 0.1Ω to 3.0Ω

    Max Output Amps = Up to Battery Limits (Up to 40A on the SX 330)

    A 0.10Ω build will try to draw 38.73 Amps from your batteries at 150W. There is no such thing as an IMR with a Continuous Amp Rating over 30 Amps, and Pulse ratings are dangerous to use. A Series Battery setup will only give the Max Amps of one of the batteries in the matched set.

    A 30 Amp build would be 0.17Ω (and you would have to be precise about it!!!), which would be 5.05V and draw 29.7A at 150W.

    Added Note:
    In Multiple Series Battery setups, the Voltage of one battery is multiplied by the number of batteries in the Stack, but the Amp rating of the Series Stack will stay the same as that of a single battery. The mAh rating of one battery will be the approximate mAh rating of the set, going very slightly higher as batteries are added.​

    I was highly impressed by how quickly Sigelei answered the phone! The Operator (if you will) was very courteous and transferred me right away, and the Tech answered immediately. I was finished and had my answers in less than 3 minutes! :thumb:

    Everything about Sigelei and this 150W Box Mod have impressed me, and so has Heaven Gifts. :thumbs:
  4. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    Hello again,

    The Sigelei 150W does have a YiHi SX330 Chip inside, but I have read on the Internet that it is a modified version made for Sigelei, as it has a 7.5V Max Output and a VW range of 10W - 150W. When I called Sigelei USA, asking about Max Amps and Max Ohms, the Tech did refer to the "YiHi Specs". He said, "The YiHi Chip has a Max Amp Output of 40A." When I asked about Max Ohms, he told me, "That would be 3.0Ω." These two numbers match the YiHi SX330 V3S 150W Chip Spec.

    I could "speculate" and say that the differences are made in the Firmware.

    When I test the Chip Authenticity and get the Chip Firmware version, mine says YH SX330 V8.05.

    Below is the Spec Sheet for the YiHiEcigar SX 330 V3S 150W:

    YiHiEcigar SX330 V3S 150W


  5. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    I noticed this in looking at the YiHi Specs. Sigelei could have given a USB Firmware Upgrade capability.
    I don't know where the USB Port would fit, but the Chip is capable.