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So you're thinking about joining Vaping Blips....

Discussion in 'Forum Tips and Tricks' started by Shark Vape, Mar 11, 2017.

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  1. Shark Vape

    Shark Vape Expert parker...

    I post this as a warning of sorts to all who wanna know what this place is about before they waste their time opening the box and finding a turd inside. I wish someone had posted this before I joined......

    In a nutshell, VB isn't a forum at all, it is a social club.
    Very little vape info is here.

    I am a politically conservative vaper.

    When I joined here, I had no idea the place was so incredibly bigoted against people like me.

    As soon as I arrived the name calling began from one member. I was repeatedly called pig, misogynist, racist, and a number of other names by @kelli. Kelli doesn't like people speaking views and opinions that conflict with hers.

    Like a big dummy, I actually invited a friend over from VU. F1r3b1rd is an electrical engineer who is certainly in the upper 1% tier of knowledgeable vapers. He's also a damned good dude who gives to others of his knowledge and time freely.
    He didn't make it 2 weeks before the completely unprovoked, kelli began calling him her usual man names... pig, misogynist, yada yada.
    She single-handedly ran him out of here for no reason other than he was a male.

    Forum "management" allowed her to continue her abuse. (evidently because he thinks it'll get him in her pants. GLWT, BTW) A mod here (ghost or imi) then began fucking with my account settings, trying to run me out... behind my back... like a coward.
    At this point, Ghost has taken about 90% of forum functionality from my account, all without a word... and then lied about it. (BTW I hate effing liars)

    That's the policy here: the forum pet provokes a person and if he protests... we'll secretly screw with his account until he leaves. (you can see above, I tried to tag her but Ghost has removed that function from my account as well.

    That is the "forum" you are thinking about joining... the Vagina Blips social club.

    If you're a conservative, plan to keep your mouth shut about it, worship Hillary & Obama, and coddle the man-hating red vagina this place revolves around like everybody else.

    Delete my account.
    Shark Vape out.
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  2. kelli

    kelli The original blip

    oh boo hoo. the little snowflake got his feelings hurt. does that sound familiar mr. shark? it should.

    just to set the record straight, @Shark Vape is the one who, from the day he arrived here, started belittling any and all things progressive. he lives, or wishes he lived, in a 1950's world where only white men think their opinion counts. anyone else is labeled a libt a r d and other assorted derogatory terms. women are not supposed to speak up when they have a POV about anything. he may not come out and say it, but it comes through loud and clear.

    and just for the record, most of us here including me have no problem with "conservatives". but bullying, closed-minded, mean spirited intolerant douchebaggery is NOT acceptable.

    good luck in your breitbart world, mr. shark.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2017
  3. Jerry

    Jerry Should Be Committed

    Can't please everyone. I'm just sorry that Kelli, Bill and Ghost had to read that. They are good people and didn't deserve it.
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  4. ghost62

    ghost62 Goes Blip In The Night Staff Member Moderator Vendor Safe Zone Moderator

    For the record- You understand NOTHING! :rofl:

    1. The person you criticize and attack the most (@InMyImage) has been your biggest supporter. Your abusive, offensive and hostile behavior has been the topic of more than one conversation. If I had my way, you'd have been banned after the THIRD warning about personal attacks but it was Bill that asked me to make an exception in your case because he felt that a lot of your posts contained worthy information and made him think.
    2. We have had to issue more warnings to you THAN ANY OTHER MEMBER EVER yet you bitch about preferential treatment. You've been the beneficiary of more special treatment than anyone but the huge chip on your shoulder seems to have gotten in the way of you seeing that.
    3. Have we ever once refused to allow you to say what's on your mind? True, we asked of you the same thing we ask of ALL our members- please be respectful and abstain from flaming, trolling, personal attacks and using a very, VERY few offensive words. Further, the reasoning behind Bill setting up the software to automatically edit that small number of words (I can count them on one hand) was explained to you on more than one occasion yet you continued to post them using spacing, special characters and pictures with the words in them that the software wouldn't pick up. In my opinion, that's a completely punk move characteristic of a juvenile, self-loathing keyboard warrior. Of course, I could be wrong. You might be a wonderful, thoughtful, intelligent person, but what you've shown, eh....
    4. You mistake allowing members to express their political views for agreeing with them. One of the founding principles of this forum is that a member should be allowed to have a healthy and respectful debate and that all points of view are welcome. Much has been said on this forum that I don't personally agree with but I support fully our members' right to voice their opinions. You, however, have repeatedly resorted to name calling, trolling and hostility when having your views challenged.
    5. You fail to acknowledge the fact that you've started the very problems you complain about, preferring to twist things around to make it appear others are in the wrong and then act with incredulity and outrage when they fire back at you. Seriously, how do you expect people to react when to go off on them? And when that has happened, ALL parties involved have been contacted privately and, if warranted, issued a warning.
    6. (I actually get a chuckle out of this one) You repeatedly have gone on tirades about liberalism targeting both Bill and I. Wow. Just wow... You couldn't be more off base. We are both strongly conservative in our views. Speaking just of myself, I've voted Republican in every election except this one (I voted for a write-in). I own firearms, have my CCW and support the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. I attend church regularly and God plays a huge role in my life. My wife and I formally adopted our special needs grandson to give him the best quality of life possible. I'm a mix of German, Russian and Irish, have two degrees, work full-time and coach the church's youth basketball team. I pay my taxes, follow the speed limit and don't spit on the sidewalk. Where you and I differ is that I don't feel personally threatened when others have a viewpoint that differs from mine and I'm able to discuss, debate, even argue, a point in a respectful and open-minded manner- something you have not shown the ability to do.
    7. Finally, you throw around the word bigot freely when, in fact, you are the one name calling, stereotyping and judging others based on shallow, surface information. Who is the true bigot here, huh?

    Neither Bill nor I will deactivate your account- not gonna give you the satisfaction.
    You, on the other hand, are more than welcome to do it yourself.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2017
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  5. ghost62

    ghost62 Goes Blip In The Night Staff Member Moderator Vendor Safe Zone Moderator

    Oh yeah... Can't believe I forgot this one...

    To quote you, "Ghost has taken about 90% of forum functionality from my account, all without a word... and then lied about it. (BTW I hate effing liars)"
    Without a word? For real? How many warnings did you need, hmm? We've told you repeatedly in both private and in open forum multiple times that there would be consequences but you have chosen to continue to behave in an immature, disrespectful and hostile manner. What did you think was going to happen?
    You call me a liar while sitting at your keyboard. In person, that's a mistake no one makes a second time. It would serve you well to understand the fact that you don't know half what you think you do.
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  6. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    Wow, ghost, you my hero and I'm not even a conservative:facepalm:Can't believe I even have to say that just to get my point across. You've done a stellar job here and I thank you. And just to set the record straight....I don't pin labels on myself because I look at people's hearts, not their parties.
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