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SMOX Xpro M80

Discussion in 'Forum Tips and Tricks' started by bonesy1973, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. bonesy1973

    bonesy1973 New Member

    I'm now sending back my 3rd m80 because of the same fault. The USB charging point. Anyone have any thoughts or news to help me, and yes I'm careful with the bloody things!!

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  2. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    Welcome to the site. Are you looking for suggestions with the m80 or an alternative mod?

    If a new mod, what features are most important to you, because I notice that the m80 has passthrough charging as well as temp control, but does not have replaceable batteries.

    How many watts do you typically need and what kind of atty are you using?

    We have a great group here with a pretty diverse set of mods and atty types, so just let us know what you are most interested in or what problems you are having and we'll get you some recommendations.
  3. bonesy1973

    bonesy1973 New Member

    I'm using a few different attys like the aspire 1 and Kanger subtank mini as well as the Smok TCT (& depending on reviews and offers, the new Smok tfv4).
    I just wondered if I'm alone in my despair at the damned thing having everything I need which, until all the Ni2 coils, was 80w with temp control.
    I'm keeping a close eye on the Smok cube 2 as that has plenty of 'oomph' and I notice that the batteries can be changed on it which means no more faulty USB!!
    I've posted my 1st review today on the device I bought as an interim, the Wismec Presa which has become my 'all-day' mod.
    The Smok has been reduced to my temp control evening use as that way it's going to need less charging.
    What infuriated me was first UK Ecig warehouse refused to help other than giving me their suppliers address in China for me to send, at my cost, for repairs.
    Although I bought the 2nd/3rd devices from Vaping Mods UK, who are excellent in customer service, I still end up paying half as much as the Mods worth to keep sending it back.
    PayPal upheld Juaaai Huang (or whatever he's going by today) of UK Ecig warehouse side of the claim mainly (quote) "because paypal do not cover any type of vaping devices, news to me too!!

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  4. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    Very impressive post using Tapatalk!

    That is one of the downfalls of buying products produced in other countries if they fail outside of whatever return policy the vendor may have. However, you should check with SMOK to see if they have any sort of warranty service center where you are.

    What is actually the issue though? Is the usb port coming loose, breaking welds inside? Simply burning up? Or just mysteriously failing to work?
  5. bonesy1973

    bonesy1973 New Member

    Just a mysterious stop. Thanks for the compliment. Smok outside China or the States is non existent. Not a big enough market in the UK. Everyone uses those evod styles and take the piss out of me. I think every time you charge them they (USB point) get pushed back so charge 5 is about the limit. Pre-ordered the Smok cube2 and tfv4 so at least I can whack some good batteries in and fire away. £62 for both on CigaBuy. Now it's a waiting game. Review when I've had it a week

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  6. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    If you can take it apart, you could try charging with the cover off and if that works gently push it back into place and maybe see if there is a way you could put something inside behind it to keep it in the right place sort of like a cross brace.
  7. bonesy1973

    bonesy1973 New Member

    Mate who makes motorbikes is due tomorrow so the one UK ecig warehouse said "send back my supplier China" is going with him. If anyone can fix, he can. I'll advise

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  8. bonesy1973

    bonesy1973 New Member

    Worth a look on 'promopro' for Mist discounts

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  9. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    Hopefully he opens it up and it's a simple fix so you can avoid the cost and time of sending it back.

    What's the mail time typically like for you in the UK from China? Typically about 2 weeks for us here in the States.
  10. bonesy1973

    bonesy1973 New Member

    3-5 weeks is average! Cost $10 to send 200miles in the UK as I make sure it's signed for. The tool needed is about 2mm wide allum key. Think smok talk you through it but batteries great. Just the USB is pushed back when charging (& i'm SOOO careful

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  11. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    Wow, that's a long time! And I assume that $ is actually pounds which would be like $15 here.

    I personally hate micro-USB. I think was created specifically for product obsolescense. I have had several devices with the same problem, including a $100 bluetooth phone headset that I didn't use until it was out of the return period and it pushed in the very first time I used it, didn't bother ever getting another.
  12. bonesy1973

    bonesy1973 New Member

    Yeah I had that problem with headset. Hopefully solving all problems as pre-order box2 and tfv4 awaited from CigaBuy which has 160w plus runs on batteries. I'll review it once I've used 2 weeks

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  13. cherrycakes

    cherrycakes The struggle is real

    My coworker has problems with his as well. It's been in the shop for three weeks now

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