Smok GX350 Review

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    Smok GX350 Review

    This was sent from Sourcemore for review…..


    I love the quad batteries… this lasted me a couple days between charging the batteries…. I did use an external charger as recommended…..

    My first thought was “who needs 350 Watts?”..... But using it at my low 45- 50 watts it lasted me 2 day so the battery life is excellent…..

    The battery door issues are still there.... I couldn't get it closed so I watched a couple videos and found out it's been an issue since it came out.... so then when I did manage to get it closed (with much force) I couldn't get it open to charge up the batteries(I had to use a small screwdriver to pry it).......

    I was also very disappointed that it doesn't run with just 2 batteries..... I found this out from other review videos...the book still shows that you can put 2 batteries in the holes marked on the cover and it should run it.... well they removed that feature last year but didn't change it in the instruction booklet.....

    Mod size
    Battery type
    4* 18650 battery(not included)
    Temperature range
    Wattage range
    Standby current
    Gold Black

    Package Contents
    1* GX350 Mod
    1* USB Upgrade Cable
    1* User Manual

    • Short description:

    • Smok GX350 mod comes with 350w maximum output power in the global with a so much compact size. And it is powered by 4 18650 cells. The GX350 TC box mod has tridimensional polygon design and features up and down button which makes operate easier. You can check device parameters on the OLED screen.
    • Details:
    • 1. Smallest size but powerful
    • 2. UP/Down button for easier operate
    • 3. Easy to read OLED display
    • 4. 350W big power
    • 5. Powered by 4 18650 cells
    • 6. Easy to replace battery
    The usual 5 clicks on & off....3 to get to the menu to change Watt or TC Mode ( NI, TI & SS), Screen time, contrast, screen direction, Adjustable oHM setting, power off....

    The size is really good for 4 batteries....the easily adjustable easy to read while screen you vape... the large fire button on the skinny side..... the up/down button on top....Being able to use up to a 25mm tank......Shaped to fit comfortably in my small hands.....
    The Battery door..... not opening or closing easily..... being unable to charge via USB.....Not finding out about the 2 battery option being removed......
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    @ghost62 that's who!
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    Geez, how much does that weigh with all four? I'm surprised they made this mod. You could design a reasonable size to hold 2x or 3x 21700 and get big capacity at less weight and size. Don't you agree?
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    Hey now.
    What makes you think I'd be willing to step down to 350, huh?
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    I found out while watching other videos this was released last year....