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Rebuildable Coil Pod? Auto-squonking system Pod? Vsticking VKsma Kit

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by vaporl, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. vaporl

    vaporl Seriously Committed Vendor


    Main Features:
    1400mAh internal battery
    3ml e-juice capacity
    Rebuildable Coils in SMI RADA(rebuildable auto dripping atomizer)
    Two work mode: DIY Mode/Auto Mode
    YiHi Electronic Spray Squonker driver(ESS) automatically sprays e-juice into the coil and solve the burn out problem
    Bottom-refilling system for leakage resistance
    8 colors available


    The Mod:
    Vsticking VKsma Auto Filling YiHi Chip pod kit absolutely will be the next hottest device in the e-cigarette market. Powered by YiHi SX638H Chipset, Vsticking VKsma pod kit comes with YiHi Electronic Spray Squonker driver(ESS) technology which is able to automatically spraying e-juice into the coil-like auto dripping atomizer(ADA). Moreover, you will enjoy the fresh flavor without burn-out taste any more thanks to the ESS technology. There is two work mode including DIY mode and Auto mode. The DIY mode is designed for SMI RADA(rebuildable auto dripping atomizer). For the Auto mode, the Vsticking VKsma will intelligently pump e-juice based on its density, which is easy to use and suitable for new vapers. Last but not least, the Vsticking VKsma kit equips with two power output settings including P1/P2 to enrich users' vaping experience.

    The Replaceable Pod
    Vsticking VKsma cartridge features middle adjustable airflow which supports DTL and MTL vaping mode. There types coil are included, SMI RADA(rebuildable auto dripping atomizer), and SMI ADA(0.3ohm Ni211, 1.0ohm SS316)

    46.15%off for Vsticking VKsma Kit
    Coupon Code: RADA


    Size: 47.5 x 79 x 18.6 mm
    Auto Modes:
    0.3ohm Ni211 P1 (10-15W) / P2 (20-25W)
    1.0ohm SS316 P1 (5-6W) / P2 (10-12W)
    Display: 0.69" OLED
    DIY Mode: 10-35J
    Output Voltage: 1.73V-3.5V
    Temperate Control Range: 180-260°C (356-500°F)
    Charging Voltage and Current: Standard DC 5V/1A

    1. Looks so sleek and elegant
    2. The coil works awesome
    3. The rebuildable coil is pretty good

    1. The drip tip looks little ugly

    How to make Vsticking VKsma kit work?
    You can activate the device by keeping the fire button pressed for five seconds.

    How to enter P1/P2 mode on Vsticking VKsma Kit?
    1 Click on the fire button five times, and you gonna have temperature control, you could adjust that by up and down buttons.
    2. And then you can press the fire button, you have the P1/P2 that you could switch.

    How to get DIY mode/Auto Mode on Vsticking VKsma Kit?
    1. Press the up and down buttons at the same time, and you gonna go with DIY mode/Auto Mode
    2. Click the fire button with 5 times, like the P1/P2 operation, you can adjust the temperature by up and down buttons.

    How to refiil Vsticking VKsma kit
    1. Pull out the e-juice tank from the base of the device
    2. Find the filling hole on the top of the tank(the larger one)
    3. Fill directly into the e-juice tank
    4. Push the e-liquid tank back into the device after filling