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Discussion in 'I Need Help!!!' started by horton, May 9, 2015.

  1. horton

    horton Dedicated Poster

    I think I need some help..... how do I quote or multi quote? I thought I had it but ended up putting my post in as a quote....lol.

    Is there a How To section or link I can follow to learn how to use features of this forum. It's really nice and clean and works great on the phone.

    Any help is greatly appreciated..... TIA
  2. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Blessed blip!

    Hi Horton and welcome!
    I don't think there is a how-to but I might have missed it.

    When catching up on a thread and want to quote more than one here is what I do...
    I click the quote button on the post I want to quote.
    When I get to the end of the thread I click on insert quotes.
    They all appear.
    You will see [quote ]message[/quote ]
    This will be repeated for each quote.
    You have to post reply after the first [/quote ] but before the next[quote ]

    I hope that helps some. I am not good at explaining how to do things.
    Good luck and hopefully someone else will chime in here.
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  3. horton

    horton Dedicated Poster

    Thanks Ld3441 .... I believe you have me pointed in the right direction. I don't really know how I managed to quote myself, but I just made another post and was able to do a single quote so hopefully I'll catch on.

    I really appreciate the help!! :)
  4. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Blessed blip!

    I saw that and I think you typed your reply before the last [/quote]
    Try it again... you will get the hang of it.
    If I can, anybody can!
  5. horton

    horton Dedicated Poster

    Try it again... you will get the hang of it. If I can, anybody can![/QUOTE]

    LOL.... I'll get the hang of it. So many things to figure out, but everyone has been very helpful. Thanks again, Ld3441.....

    edit.... I can see I still have a bit of work still to do.....lol!!!
  6. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Blessed blip!

    That was not your fault @horton

    See your last post and what is quoted... I put the [ /quote ] after what was quoted by you which is why it stopped the quote there. I put a space in there this time so if you try again it should work.
  7. kelli

    kelli The original blip

  8. horton

    horton Dedicated Poster

    Aha!!! I think I'm getting it..... I think per usual, I'm over complicating it.
    Just wait till I try to post pics, kelli, talk about confusing.....lol
  9. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    You did a good job explaining it @Ld3441

    @horton for pictures, if they are on a major pic sharing site like imgur or something, all you have to do is post the link in the reply box and they will automatically get embedded. It will take a bit of time to learn which ones are and are not included in that feature, but there are more coming when we move.

    There is also a help link down at the bottom right corner of each page and it shows a lot of the major tricks. In that page is a section for "bb codes" and then "Embedded Media" for future reference.

    I tried to copy the section here, but because of the way it is formatted it doesn't paste properly.