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Quick Steep

Discussion in 'Juice and e-Liquid' started by muth, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. Butch

    Butch New Member

    I have a fan forced air heater so in winter I just put my juice in a shoebox & sit it in front of the air outlet for 24 hours. Works great, but doesnt do too good in the summer.
  2. kelli

    kelli The original blip

    in the summer, i leave juice in my car for a few hours. :)
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  3. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    How much did you pay for your ultrasonic cleaner?
  4. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    Thought you had an ultrasonic cleaner?
  5. kelli

    kelli The original blip

    i think about $40 but can't really remember.
  6. kelli

    kelli The original blip

    i do but one time i left some in the car and it worked so i've done it again. :)
  7. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    That's really good
  8. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    Donald Bickers of Vrod Vapors advised me to steep in a crockpot for 2-3 hrs, not over 150F
  9. nitrowolf72

    nitrowolf72 A Blip In The Smokie Mountains

    I steep my juices with custards or creams in an us cleaner for about 4 hours at 140 degrees. :)
  10. Roguexx

    Roguexx blippy blipperson

    Yup those work. V rock pot just shake them every so often
  11. ki4uwk

    ki4uwk Seriously Committed

    Hey all if any of y'all are cleaning out your juices I'll take anything you don't want

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