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    Purilum is new to me but I've had some experience with Cookie (PUR)

    If you like the buttery goodness and texture of Scottish shortbread or Lorna Doones I think you'll appreciate Purilum Cookie. I find it a good substitute for the Biscuit (INW) and Cookie (Biscotti) (FA) combo. One flavor for the price and effort of mixing two. I like simple, so it works for me:)
  2. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    Purilum Butter Pecan vs Flavor West:

    So.......FW has that instant taste right from the start but for some reason I can't take it for more than a day even in small percentages or mixes. Purilum had little flavor until I boosted it to 8%. That was the magic number for me. I could use this as an ADV stand alone or I could see adding another flavor like vanilla. Heck, when I'm done I might have a pecan pie.

    Bottom Line: I like it. No weird overpowering tones. Much smoother, creamier than FW. Exception: I could see FW BP coming in handy when you need to take down a strong flavor like FA Maple Syrup.