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Police in India detain 750 over US call centre scam

Discussion in 'In The News... Funny or Serious...' started by Tripster, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Tripster

    Tripster Domestic Blipporist...

  2. moecat

    moecat No sodding blips to give

    A good thing to remember: the IRS will not call you about any tax delinquency ... they will only contact you via certified mail.
  3. Tripster

    Tripster Domestic Blipporist...

    The reason this is such a serious news article is that the People got this to happen...not the FBI or other Law Enforcement...YouTubers made these interactions viral and proceeded to take the law into their own hands to get these scammers held responsible for their illegal actions.
  4. Shark Vape

    Shark Vape Expert parker...

    There's a lotta major phone crime in India... Ever talk to Microsoft tech support?
  5. Tripster

    Tripster Domestic Blipporist...

    I troll all phone scammers, it's hilarious to make them think that they got you till they figure out that the identity you give them is completely fabricated.
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  6. Wuzznt Me

    Wuzznt Me Native Florida Cracker

    If I have to answer my phone they're going to pay the price in entertainment. Same with sales calls. I always press 1 to talk to a live person and keep them on as long as I can lol.
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  7. Shark Vape

    Shark Vape Expert parker...

    You infidels better learn to be more inclusive before Hillary's 1,600,000:eek: new Syrian "refugees" get here.

    jihad car.jpg
  8. DuckysVapeReviews

    DuckysVapeReviews Seriously Committed

    OMG too funny. But, sadly it kinda is true (both the statement and meme) Some of these "home bred" (which is funny as they all seem NOT to be native citizens in majority) tend to be that blatant about their acts and intentions but it gets covered up because the ones pushing their immigration status doesn't want the black eye.