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Picture Posting

Discussion in 'Forum Tips and Tricks' started by Simply Red, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. Simply Red

    Simply Red Coiler and DIYer

    After speaking with folks around the forum, I understand that some still have problems posting pictures. I'd like to try to help you with that. This is one of two posts that I'll do covering the two different methods you can use.

    The "URL Method".

    Let's say you find a picture on Google or Bing Images that you want to post. (This also works for Photobucket or other photo storage applications/websites.) I use Bing Images quite a bit so I'll use that as an example and I will also be using my iPad as that's what's available to me at the moment.

    So, let's start a post.

    First, let's find a picture to post. I went to Bing.com and clicked on "images". Then typed in "iPV 6x" and hit "Go" (or Enter. You can also click the magnifying glass)


    Lots of pictures to choose from.


    I clicked the 4th one from the left which opened a new tab.


    Notice the button in the bottom right corner that has a "mountain" on it? Click that and a third tab will open.


    Now, you have your picture that you want to use. You'll want to "highlight" what's in the address bar and click "Copy" (or "Cut")


    On the toolbar for your post, you see a little button that has the same "mountains" on it.


    That's for posting pictures you found on the Internet. When you click that button, a pop-up will show that says "Image URL."


    This is where you'll "Paste" the URL of the picture you "Copied".


    Then, all you have to do is click "Insert" and your picture is in your post.


    You can add text before or after the picture,mid you'd like.

    Hope this helps and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)
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  2. Simply Red

    Simply Red Coiler and DIYer

    The "Manual" method

    This, kinda, goes with the above post but, in a "manual" way.

    I'm going to use this "(" and this ")" for this demonstration because if I use this "[" and this "]" it won't post my point.

    Once you have your picture URL copied from your address bar and you're ready to insert it into your post, preceded your URL with (img) then paste the URL with no spaces in between. Just remember to use the "[ ]" and not the "( )" with the "img". After you paste the URL, with no spaces after it, type (/img). Again, use the "[ ]" and not the "( )" with the "/img". This will help the folks using TapaTalk and/or the folks that just like to type. :D