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Discussion in 'LA - LorAnn (Regular)' started by InMyImage, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. InMyImage

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    How about some mix percentage recommendations to start with for these flavors that I got out of the BD 1.0 PIF Box from @Donald Bickers:

    English Toffee
    Orange Cream
    Bavarian Cream
    Tropical Punch
  2. Donald Bickers

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    ther are very few recommendation charts out there for loranns,these bottles I got 2 of each,to put 1 of them in the box,i don't remember the exact amts I used,but it is strong stuff,on these none was over 5% and none was under 3%,,,,,thats where I would start bill,sorry I couldn't be more help
  3. InMyImage

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    That is helpful. I frequently start up around 7% just because I like my flavors strong but it sounds like I want to try these at 5% to start.