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Discussion in 'PIF Boxes and Items' started by Taver13, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. Taver13

    Taver13 RIP Rest In Peace Vendor


    I will start this out in plain english. This is NOT a PIF box. This is more of a gear exchange. This box is for people who want to trade around their gear. It will be made up of Original Gangsta's from PIF 5.0, and some new blood. There will be rules and guidelines to follow. This is a private run box. This is not a government entity.
    If you can not handle the following things, this box is not for you.

    sexual explicitness
    excessive cursing and swearing
    people treating each other like shit (all in fun)
    adult situations

    But on the other side of things if you are not:

    Willing to participate and engage in the thread daily
    a generally good person
    willing to help and share vape knowledge
    willing to get to know everyone, the OG's are a tight knit group who have become family to a lot of us. We may joke around and fuck with each other, but we all have respect for one another, and that is all i am asking for, respect and honesty.

    speaking of honesty, there will be rules to follow:

    1) Participation in the thread is a must. we don't want people that are here just for the gear, we want people to converse with, and share knowledge with. We understand if you are away on vacation, in the hospital, or have a broken computer, but if you have not posted in two weeks, and a special circumstance does not apply to you, you will be removed
    2) PICTURES! Pictures MUST to be posted. Pictures of the box contents when you receive it, of what you are removing, and what you are putting in, must be posted. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL.
    3) There will also be a log book in the box of whats going in out and who put what in. it will make sense when you get it.
    4) Tracking. a picture of the tracking receipt will be posted publicly when the box is sent to the next person. That way anyone in the box can keep track of it at any time.
    5) When doing the exchange, try to get close to equal vale. It is understandable this is not always possible though, but if this is the case, please don't take advantage. Most people here are willing to help, but don't mistake kindness for weakness.
    6) The box is not to be touched by anyone not involved with the box. No outside friends. Immediate family is ok.
    7) When posting picture of the box or tracking, make sure no addresses are able too be seen, cover or cross them out.
    Any rule violation is subject to termination from the box at the discretion of myself or the other admins.
    8) The box needs to be shipped out in a timely manner. Within 3 business days. If you think the box will be held up with you for extended periods of time, please, don't apply. It becomes very discouraging to other members when someone holds the box hostage for weeks at a time.

    If any of this seems to "structured" there is a reason, we have been taken advantage of before and are not willing to let it happen again.

    The box will be run by myself, and the admin help will come from @Donald Bickers and @Lighty269

    we are going to compile a spreadsheet of your names addresses and phone numbers in the order of the box, but don't worry no one will see your information other than the person behind you and the person in front of you.

    There will also be a google docs spreadsheet thaat all box members access to fill in tracking numbers items received, taken, ect... more details on that later

    once the list is full, i will randomize the names and that will be the box order. We will be doing like we did in the beginning of 5.0, which worked out well, which was each person send a small donation to the box to me, so the first people on the list don't get butt-fucked.

    As this is a gear exchange i would like to keep juice to a minimum.

    This is going to be a box of veteran vapers, and vapers who would like to learn from veterans. so we are not looking for things like starter kits and ego batteries. If you have items such as these to donate, please talk to myself or Donald, and we will get them into a PIF box where they are needed.

    I would like to repeat, if you don't like the guidelines please don't apply.

    It sounds strict, but really, this is going to be a fun group and a fun box (thats what she said)

      1. @BenJammin
      2. @Cruel-Phate
      3. @MRSpivey
      4. @Dawn
      5. @dr3d
      6. @Lighty269
      7. @eplayz
      8. @Donald Bickers
      9. @Shawn Hoefer
      10. @Pauly Walnuts
      11. @taver13
      12. @vapingbeauty
      13. @nitrowolf72
      14. @Diescum88
      15. @thewestpole
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2016
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  2. Taver13

    Taver13 RIP Rest In Peace Vendor

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  3. Lighty269

    Lighty269 Account Deactivated by User Request

    Looking forward to a nice Share Box!
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  4. Taver13

    Taver13 RIP Rest In Peace Vendor

  5. Cruel-Phate

    Cruel-Phate Bronco blip!

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  6. Taver13

    Taver13 RIP Rest In Peace Vendor

    you can leave that out
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  7. Lighty269

    Lighty269 Account Deactivated by User Request

    Good Times!
  8. nitrowolf72

    nitrowolf72 A Blip In The Smoky Mountains

    Yay me. Free bagged turds for everyone. Lol. Thanks guys for what I hope will be a great box! :D
  9. Geauxst

    Geauxst A Banished Ghost of the Past

    Interesting concept

    Sent from my LabRatory
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  10. Momabear

    Momabear More than a blip! PIF Box Organizer

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  11. Donald Bickers

    Donald Bickers Banished Blip Vendor

    howdy folks
  12. Otto85

    Otto85 Seriously Committed

    Hey guys am I an og lmao
  13. nitrowolf72

    nitrowolf72 A Blip In The Smoky Mountains

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  14. Otto85

    Otto85 Seriously Committed

    Asshole lol
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  15. nitrowolf72

    nitrowolf72 A Blip In The Smoky Mountains

  16. Pauly Walnuts

    Pauly Walnuts More than a blip!

    I would think of joining, but you guys are assholes.
    Oh wait, im an asshole too....
    IM IN!!!!!
  17. Donald Bickers

    Donald Bickers Banished Blip Vendor

    pauly,,,,you of all people have to put in an application,,,,,,and heavy screening is coming your way
  18. Otto85

    Otto85 Seriously Committed

    Think he needs to include some of the chickens as references to truly gauge the character that is walnuts lmao
  19. Taver13

    Taver13 RIP Rest In Peace Vendor

  20. Otto85

    Otto85 Seriously Committed

    I see what u did there lol
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