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    Back in December, I won a contest that was sponsored by O2Pur. Winnings for that contest was equivalent to $199 in merchandise. "Cool!" I thought. So, I went to their website O2Pur and found this...

    Super Kit

    Link didn't work, huh. Well, this is what I got...


    The Super Kit does/did not include all that you see. The coils were, at that time, $11.90...each and I can't remember what the extra tank cost. The link for that item doesn't work either.

    So, let me tell you about the "product".


    Not a bad looking rig. Just a shame that the spare tank I ordered is dead. I didn't use any of the prize until I took a overseas trip that I'm on now. Of the 4 coils I got, one works and I hope it lasts until I get back home. As far as the tank performance goes. Decent flavor and a fair amount of cloud production but, I don't think this is supposed to happen...


    Have to shake it out every now and then (wasted juice) unless you like gurgling and spit back.
    The battery is supposed to be a 900mAh but, it only lasts a couple hours. I would've at least thought 3-4.

    So, what I got was a...
    1 - Ego battery (for all practical purposes)
    2 - "Glass Super Tanks" that "sub-ohm"; one of the tanks dead
    4 - coils, 1 of which works
    1 - Car charger
    and a 10ml bottle of 12mg "Ripple flavor" eliquid that I won't use (I'm at 3mg/ml)
    All equivalent to $199. Really?? Not a wonder they're giving them away...when they have them. Needless to say, I won't be purchasing anything from O2Pur. My regular set-ups do me just fine.
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  2. dubya

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    I always hate bad mouthing, but maybe I should have. I won a contest from them awhile back as well. I emailed them and they gave me a code to put in. Tried, did not work. Emailed again, and again, and again....... Went back and forth for forever, but I was still unable to ever redeem my winnings. They finally emailed me, and said if it was through Facebook, it would go a lot better. I had my wife contact them through Facebook, needless to say, never got a thing, and they are tagging (or whatever) her on Facebook to the point she is fed up with it. All around a really bad deal.
  3. ghost62

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    What I love is the blurb on the box 'American Mixed E-Juice'
    Translated- Mixed in the U.S. from bulk Chinese ingredients :eek:
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  4. Simply Red

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    Ok. Maybe I'm spoiled and I love my "higher end" set ups but, to have a price on a website for a starter kit (I think) for $119 ( before discount) and most of it not work is just ridiculous. I'm not trying to bash or anything else but it's just not that high of quality, in my opinion. I'm just calling it as I see it.