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Nice lil read

Discussion in 'In The News... Funny or Serious...' started by Bigdaddybrink1, Jul 5, 2015.

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    Unfortunately it is all about the money for a lot of folks :( I have been vaping for 5 years (the 18th of this month) and since I started I have heard of threats to abolish/tax/regulate it. I never thought it could get so popular, to be honest. When I started most people had not even heard of it.

    I hope that here, in the "land of the free", we will always have the freedom to vape. But as crazy as this country has become, where the gubmint thinks they have the right to tell you what is best for you, I just don't know. With big tobacco and big pharma bankrolling the gubmint, it seems like a losing battle. I am keeping the hope that it will not become outlawed... but also thinking how I could handle it if it does. I think there will be "ways" to get what we need ;). I would feel bad for the entrepreneurs who have started independent, mom&pop vape shops.
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