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    Hey ya'll. I know I'm new to reviews but hell. I'm tryin. I doing reviews and would appreciated as many subscribers and views on my videos as i can get!! hahaha, as most youtubers do. I did NOT monetize my account, YET. Chance are I won't. I don't like having commercials on the channels I watch. Sooooooo..................I wont make ya'll watch either!! Here, and many other places online I'm known as 'bigdaddybrink1' however on youtube and now instagram I'm known as 'Elevator_Vaper' on instragram there '_' is there. on youtube, its not. sorry!! But hey, please check out my channel, and let me know!!

    a sub and view wld be greatly appreciated!!!!!

    here's a link to my channel:

    well hell. i forgot i posted it once before but have changed it.....rather the link.........sorry!!
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    hey @Bigdaddybrink1 ill throw up a link to your channel on our blog we have on our website if you dont mind
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    That wld b awesome ty

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