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New Arrival:Horizon Asteroid MTL Mech Pod Kit 900mAh

Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by wismecvape, Jan 22, 2021.

  1. wismecvape

    wismecvape Active Member

    Today the latest newproduct is the HorizonTech Magico pod kit vape . HorizonTech Asteroid MTL Mech Pod Kit has a few advantages. I think you will love it when you own one .Let's talk about the advantages of this device.
    First off, the Magico pod vape functions at a constant wattage output so the draw will remain consistent as the battery dies. The pods will hold a massive 6.5ml ejuice which is one of the largest capacities on a pod vape. It’s also got a large 1370mAh battery and an LED battery life indicator with three different colors.

    It comes with two replaceable coils: a 0.12ohm coil made for DTL vaping and a 1.8ohm coil meant for MTL vaping. There’s an airflow control ring on the bottom of the pod for adjusting your airflow. The appearance of the Magico is also very nice as it’s got beautiful resin panels and an equally beautiful body design. Please learm more about from uk vapesourcing.

    Output Wattage:Max 15W
    Battery Capacity:900mAh
    Liquid Capacity:2ml
    Colors:Black, Coral, Green, Blue, Purple

    Quick Link:https://vapesourcing.uk/horizon-asteroid-pod-kit.html