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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana, Cannabis and CBD Oil' started by Rachel, Jul 18, 2016.

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  2. Rachel

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    I feel like such a bother. I am so sorry....

    I am going to pick up the Onyx today and figured I'd try the other one you recommended as well. I went on the Highland Pharms website and see that they offer 2 different versions. 1 is the Highland Pharms CBD Oil and the second is FX CBD oil. From the mg breakdown it seems the the 1st one is about 16.5mg per mL while the second is 50mg per mL. Do you have any idea what the difference is between these two? Are they both full spectrum? The second seems to have something called Terpenes added to it.

    I am so sorry to keep bothering.
  3. Wuzznt Me

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    Best I know is it's a kinda waxy like rosin. I'm not really all that familiar with it.

    You are not a bother at all. Don't worry about it. I read about the terpenes but wasn't sure if I wanted to get into them or not. I may revisit that next time but yes, both are full spectrum and from plants grown for human consumption. I haven't found any reason not to use the Onyx either though. At first I just wanted to try it without spending a lot of money. It worked fine. Then I started looking around to see what I could find out about quality. I'm still growing in that area lol. I may spring for the terpenes next time. Quite a bit of difference in price.
  4. Rachel

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    Thank you so much.

    After doing some looking around and breaking down the pricing of what I see being offered online I think the FX for me may be the best. The difference in price between the regular Highland Pharms CBD oil and the FX only appears that way on the surface. If you break it down into mg concentration rather than volume, the FX is actually cheaper and more bang for your buck. The 10 mL bottle of FX has 500mg, which puts each mL at 50mg (3mg per drop). They are all 50mg per mL but just in different size bottles and are cheaper for the larger bottles in terms of how much you are getting for your money. The other one, is a 30ml bottle with 495mg in it, so each mL only has 16.5mg. They are both the same cost but FX has more than double the dosage per drop (5 drops of FX is equal to 1 mL of the Highland Pharms CBD oil) so you are likely to use less and have the bottle last longer than the 30 mL.

    I could be very wrong about this, as I have not used any of it ever. I guess I'll find out :)
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    Thanx for doing that math. The Highland Pharm has been great so I guess next order I'll bump up my game. Please let me know what's going on with you when you get it. This forum also has two main social chat threads. Alternate Universe Too and Lounging on the Beach. You'd be welcomed on either one I'm sure.
  6. Rachel

    Rachel Active Member

    I will have to look for those threads. I generally use Tapatalk and have trouble navigating the app.

    I will keep you updated. I put my order in for the Onyx and will do the FX from Highland Pharms next! I appreciate all the guidance. I wouldnt have known which direction to go without the help :)
  7. Wuzznt Me

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    More than welcome. I just hope it works for you.
  8. Rachel

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    I havent forgotten to update....the jury is still out on this. I got the CBD drip onyx as well as FX. It doesnt help with sleep, but I think it is helping a bit with the anxiety. Im going to give it some more time and see how it goes ;-)
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