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    Isn't *that* the truth! A couple of the new INW flavors smell insanely delish and so far as pretty nasty. One smells like a white grape gelato and the other one is supposed to be mango ice cream but it's so perfume-y and acrid. They said to give it 2 weeks steep but I'm scared of them now. lol
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    Well, I'm struggling. After making a few good ones to start, been really bad since. I'm gonna have to throw my just wing it mentality out the window. I have been on ERL a few times, but get frustrated that I have to navigate forever to find my answer, if at all. Maybe I just need to spend a good chunk of time there getting to know the sight? Why can't they all just put the damn recommended % for vaping right on the bottle? :rolleyes:
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    Very few do. Most of the main flavors are/were for food and beverage and they didn't want to know vapers, particularly regarding percentages. Bull City used to be Bull City Vapes and sold nic, etc. But when the FDA started yapping, they shut that down and went with Bull City Flavors. Some of the European and Asian companies do percentages on the bottle but not many.

    Just ask us if you want, but *not* getting everything right is a good learning experience. Even if it's just what to never do again. Have a lot of those experiences. lol

    Sometimes I'll google a flavor review and once in awhile that's helpful for percentages. Like 'Hangsen Apple Mix review' or something like that. I find ELR difficult too.