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Music Aquarium

Discussion in 'Purely Social' started by Fishee, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. dubya

    dubya Headbanging Blip

    Idk, they just aren't finding anything major, lots of little stuff, pretty irrelevant. But I don't feel like little stuff. I feel like something is really wrong, and I am not that kinda guy. I don't tend to make too much out of a small thing. Maybe I am this time, just doesn't have that feeling. Idk what else to say about it. I could list my 700 symptoms if you want....... :rollseyes: Doc's aren't giving up, we are still looking, I just don't know.... I see you posted some music tonight, look forward to checking it out :)

    Whats been consuming you, if you don't mind me asking?
  2. dubya

    dubya Headbanging Blip

    One of my all time fav's :thumb:
  3. Lisa66

    Lisa66 Read my blips

    3.5 weeks ago I received a post card that looked like an invitation to attend a Methodist church down the road; church address prominent in the return address spot, with a map to the church on the right, and a "you're invited" message with a frolicking family on reverse. We get these every so often, normal thing. Almost recycled it. Looked again and saw that it was (in very fine print) a notice from a developer that plans to build 300-400 houses, condos, apartments, hotel and light commercial on the 190 acre golf course I live across from....one of two down my street.

    Suddenly I am community activist. Web site, FB page within a few days of the postcard (which many either recycled or never got). We're highly organized with web site, FB page, hard copy petition, MoveOn petition, legal team, etc. Lots of press coverage, TV and print, only one report (local Fox) puts us in a somewhat negative light. That is what I have been doing night and day for the past 3.5 weeks. Several days until 4am, up at 6am again. It's crucial that we hit them hard early. The word is that county commissioners are noticing.
  4. dubya

    dubya Headbanging Blip

    Oh, wow, you are busy. Well sounds like you hard work is paying off, keep it up I say. Sure sneaky how they tried to slide it in. I don't really golf anymore, but still much appreciate the beauty of a course.
  5. dubya

    dubya Headbanging Blip