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Political Moved Items

Discussion in 'Political Banter' started by ghost62, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    Who did you have in mind?
  2. TheWestPole

    TheWestPole A hit on Mr. Mitty

  3. Lisa66

    Lisa66 Read my blips

    Nobody, yet. That's just it. I do have an interest in her but I want to hear more from her and everybody else.

    I've always liked what Sanders (Bernie, not the Huckabee one) and Warren have had to say but I prefer Warren over Sanders. If I had to vote for Joe Biden I would. :)

    I do like Sherrod Brown and think he would make a great candidate. I say that because I probably know more about him, what he stands for and what he has done over time at various levels of government than most of the other possible candidates because I'm originally from Ohio and he has been around in politics for a very long time. He's a good guy and he gets things done. He is great at developing Republican allies and winning them over, a skill that seems to be lacking among so many politicians these days - on both sides.

    I also am highly interested in Julian Castro and want to hear more from him.

    I'm not sure if O'Rourke is the result of hype, or what, although it would be nice to see some young blood again.

    Finally, no, I am not interested in Clinton and grudgingly voted for her last time.
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  4. Lisa66

    Lisa66 Read my blips

    More negative commentary...sorry. I am sad for our vets who have fought to defend democracy, only to have been "trumped". I have in my possession a huge, menacing shark knife that belonged to someone, an immigrant, whose family (mine) gained political asylum. He joined the navy, fighting on an aircraft carrier.

    Here is a pic of the model he made by hand many years later of the USS Maryland, on which he served. It was bombed numerous times. The gun turrets, radar, etc., all rotate and move and are made of brass. It was made from the original blueprints of the ship, obtained from the National Archives, and is on display in the rotunda of the US Naval Academy Museum in Annapolis:

    dad's model.jpg

    I know that it was made not only out of a freakish fascination with war machinery, but out of a combination of deep respect, sadness and pride for all that happened. He would be up in arms to see that every respectable expert (military, foreign policy, intelligence) in our administration has been ignored, ridiculed and shit on by our president.

    I look at the knife and it makes me sad.

    Putin Trump.jpg
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  5. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous! And what an honor to have it displayed at the Academy. Metal work runs in the family, ey?
  6. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    Ann Coulter/Steven Miller toss up.
  7. TheWestPole

    TheWestPole A hit on Mr. Mitty

    Art History

  8. Lisa66

    Lisa66 Read my blips

    I am so completely offended by the statement by our president that Democrats hate Jews. What the hell? What is the basis for this? Anything? What? Then Sarah (with her grating "aaah" thing she does over and over again) stating that we should ask Democrats about it? WTF? Gee, I wonder how many Jews voted for Trump: a minuscule amount, I'm absolutely positive......duh.

    I'm guessing that the lack of posts in here is due to the same reason I haven't posted. I'm positively ill. Just sick. Please make this end. Get a responsible, thoughtful, rational person in there, capable of fostering good relationships with our allies; a crucial component of our national security. Happy to even vote for a good Republican at this point, just to get this ass out of here. Somebody help us, please!
  9. ghost62

    ghost62 Goes Blip In The Night Staff Member Moderator Vendor Safe Zone Moderator

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  10. TheWestPole

    TheWestPole A hit on Mr. Mitty

    WTF? There were stories like this during WWII here and abroad, and some Vietnam era. Drunk and rowdy throngs of servicemen, etc. But here and now? Such an anachronism and, yes, shameful.
  11. TheWestPole

    TheWestPole A hit on Mr. Mitty

    Sickness. Hardly anyone left in government to speak for the Palestinians, and those few who do officially branded antisemitic. Hannah Arendt is rolling over in her grave, her worst fears realized.