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MicroStick 18500 Clone Mechanical Mod - Black

Discussion in 'Unregulated Mech Mods' started by TheWestPole, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. TheWestPole

    TheWestPole A hit on Mr. Mitty



    I received this a couple of weeks back. Build quality is generally good, and it has a very nice switch, but I have some serious quibbles with the internal design. Some of the electrical contacts are inconsistent, especially the 510 atty contact which seems to be completely untrustworthy when swapping one atty for another. Further, the atty mount design always leaves it a bit loose and wobbly rather than straight up, tight and centered. For these reasons I cannot recommend this Microstick as it is.

    All's not lost though, by any means. After carrying it around for a few days and one too many moments of annoyance, I decided to operate. With its solid switch, light aluminum body and small form factor for 22mm atomizers, it still seems like a good candidate for the pocket. It will get a spring loaded 510 for consistent contact and secure atty mounting, a new finish with softer edges, and a conversion to accept an 18650 battery. To do that, the stock bottom plate will be replaced with a thicker hardwood section. Will post the results soon in Stupid Mod Tricks.
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