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    Well, just wanted to inform everyone about my latest experience. I purchased a Special Forces clone from Max Vaping at a pretty big discounted price and I THINK I know why it was such a good deal. I have been vaping 5+ years and slowly drifting rebuildable & mech for most of them as most of you readers and followers know. Well when my M80 quit charging I decided to make the leap and go series mod. I messaged the seller and asked him if the mod was quality, was there any issues with button, you know, normal stuff. He got very VERY aggressive with me. I apologized and politely said I just wanted to make sure there were no issues with the mod before buying. He also apologized and told me no there wasn't. I got the mod and batteries in hand finally and decided to do try it out before initial official review start so I started with a 0.35 build, button burned the hell outta me literally burning a whole in my finger due to my screwed up nervous system couldn't let go very quickly. Like a idiot I just thought hmmm maybe too low of a build. Went up to a 0.50 build, same but this time it burned a blister on my thumb. Finally I decided screw it one more try. Wrapped my finger with my drip rag and fired a 0.75 build. Spring in button gave out, button stuck, batteries were in it and it was screwed togather so I was freaking BUT luckily the coil wire burnt into before any damage to my vtcs occurred. This really has me terrified of series mods ESPECIALLY one of these. I messaged him told him what happened and nicely as I could asked WTF!!!! I will update with his response and how this plays out. Gonna basically tell him I don't want another one of these and ask please can he just send me a decent reliable parallel dual 18650 box. I am so damn scared of series mods now its not even funny at all. I don't want anything else to do with buying/owning one. On the bright side, if he is like "go fuck ya self reviewer, I care less about customers or you" I will have 6 VTCs for my copper smpl lol. I will keep y'all updated. CAM00361.jpg
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    Damn man that's nuts hopefully the guy is decent bout it
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    UPDATE: Craig actually refunded me and sent another mod out, which I returned. Told him didnt want any chance him thinking I was scamming him. That and truthfully I dont wanna screw with a series mod again for a while. Got the old one I will just fully upgrade internals in when wanna get insane again lol.