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Lounging on the Beach

Discussion in 'Purely Social' started by jj2, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    Thanks, Baby Blue, :wub:

    I still have to ask my Cardiologist a few questions and intend to do that after my VA appt at 11:30, while I'm out anyway. Need a few things from Walmart, too.

    Good morning, beach people. :) :wub:

    Got up to get ready for that appt. Slept pretty good, but still groggy. Working on 1st cup of coffee.
    New York vs. New England tonight on Thursday Night Football. :w00t:

    See ya later. :)
  2. jj2

    jj2 Tiggergirl A blip in the Deplorable Basket Contest Organizer


    Good morning beach :) :wub:

    Not sure I'm ready to start this day, since it's gonna be a busy one, but here it comes. Caught up here so it's time to make brunch.

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  3. Glam

    Glam Technically challenged beach blip.

    Good afternoo, Beachers......had my bandage change this morning. Took three hours with getting ready and including drive there and back....was not as painful as I feared, and I am no longer in a leg brace.....baby steps. Now I am chillin' and hubs is at his office.

    Hope we hear from Sun regarding her kitten project....hope it is going well.

    Happy Thursday to all.
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  4. Wuzznt Me

    Wuzznt Me Native Florida Cracker

    Aloha Beachcombers. Had to speed read without liking so my apologies. Glad to hear your appointment went less painful than you thought Glam and congrats on losing the brace. I know how it felt when the cast came off. Still got fingers taped up until next Tuesday then it's all pt and go ahead with using it. Hope y'all are having a bodacious Friday Eve.
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  5. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    Great news, Honey! :wub: Glad you're making good progress!

    Got the VA thing done and stopped by Cardiology. I was supposed to talk with a nurse, but my Dr. came in from lunch, saw me, and said "See you in a few." He took off the wrist brace and said I could get back to normal on Monday... things like mowing the lawn. He said, "That's the great think about going in at the wrist." He stressed the importance of taken Plavix every day, but I might be able to get off of it at my 1-year checkup. :w00t: This also means I could play pool, if they need me.

    Stopped by Walmart to exchange 3 big cans of Tuna in Oil for in Water, and totally forgot that I wanted a gallon of milk. :facepalm: I have been having trouble with memory, so I think I should tell Cardiology about that.

    Oh, while I was at the VA, I stopped by Primary Care to tell them how the Heart Cath went. They were at lunch, but the receptionist asked me if I had a "Summary", so I asked my Dr. for that. They will print one every time something happens, and I'll pick them up for the VA. They could have faxed them, if I got a fax number for them, but I wanted a copy for me. :D The VA can make a copy of that.

    I also noticed that the VA takes my BP different than I do at home. I asked for and got a "How to Take A Blood Pressure" document: 3 pages with 1 big picture. My BP is always way to high when I take it, but I'm supposed to sit there and wait for 5 minutes before taking it, so I'll see if that makes a difference.

    Good to see you, and glad that you're doing well!
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  6. Glam

    Glam Technically challenged beach blip.

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  7. tgcrna

    tgcrna Be good to yourself and kind to others...

    Evening beachmates :D

    I'm on 1st call for 16 hours tonight :facepalm: Really thought I'd be called in at 5, but wasn't :thumb:

    VG, glad you are getting things done with your doctors :)

    Glam, glad your dressing change wasn't as bad as you anticipated :)

    Wuzz, glad your fingers/hand are healing well :)

    Hope you are all having a great evening!! :wub:
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  8. Glam

    Glam Technically challenged beach blip.

    Mixed emotions for your post....extra money :banana: .....being on call that long. :nah:
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  9. jj2

    jj2 Tiggergirl A blip in the Deplorable Basket Contest Organizer

    I put a list together on the cell phone and even send DH a list by text because WE both forget to take a written list. Still we forget things on the list.

    Enjoying a break. Just back from the food bank thing. There was still a lot to do but second shift showed up and believe me when they do I make the great escape. Pi is down for quiet time for maybe a half hour more. Then I get her and Izzy up and me and Pi are off to her tumbling class.
    Doing a take n bake pizza for supper. Got one that was pepperoni and I added sausage to over half of it and a good section of that I added green pepper for hubs. He will put it in the over about seven so it's ready to eat by the time Pi and I get back. After that the whole day winds down as we wait for Mom and Dad to show up.
  10. daleron

    daleron Just a lurking Blip

    Good evening beachmates :)

    Don’t feel much like posting tonight but wanted to check in. Y’all have a good evening :wub:
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  11. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    Thanks, TinkerBabe. :wub: And I'm glad that this is such a caring and involved Cardiologist.
    I have been making notes to remind me and placing them in the console above the gear shifter. But I was in too much of a hurry this morning. I'll get the milk later.

    Got this in a CASAA email today. I'm gonna be there!...

    On Friday, October 11, The White House is expected to make an announcement regarding the FDA regulations of vapor products. We are anticipating this announcement to include the agency’s plans for regulating flavored vapor products other than tobacco.

    Following this announcement, later in the evening, Donald Trump will be holding a rally at the Lake Charles Civic Center.

    Show Donald Trump that #WeVapeWeVote
    Friday, October 11, 2019
    6:00 PM

    (Facebook Event Page - RSVP)
    Lake Charles Civic Center
    Lake Charles, Louisiana

    (Trump Rally Registration)

    Details and instructions from the event page:
    “Come out Friday (meet at the center of the circle loop drive) to show that nicotine vaping rights are important to you. Grab a poster board and make your signs. I VAPE I VOTE FLAVORS SAVES LIVES, ect... This event is open to EVERYONE WHO VAPES. All vape shop owners, employees, and customers. If you vape then stand with us. This event is CIVIL. NO ACTING OUT, YELLING, ARGUING, CURSING, BLOWING GIANT CLOUDS IN FRONT OF MEDIA, ect... Please dress appropriately. How they see us is how we will be treated. Please direct any media interviews to a coordinator if you are a consumer. (If the front drive is blocked off our second meet point is the Sea Wall by the 9/11 Memorial).”

    Please note: This is not an event organized by CASAA. Although we are coordinating with the event organizer for the purposes of informing our members in Louisiana, we cannot confirm that proper permitting or other logistical considerations are in place. That having been said, avoiding verbal or physical conflict with authorities or bystanders is always a good precaution to take.

    Tips for participating in a peaceful demonstration:
    • Simple clear messages that communicate your story at a glance are best.
    • Be respectful of people on the sidewalks and walking in and out of buildings.
    • Keep vaping discrete.
    • Dress appropriately (it might rain).
    • Be prepared to speak to the media (sharing your story about switching to vaping should be enough and refer reporters to event coordinators for more in depth comments).

    Thank you,
    - Alex Clark
    - CEO, CASAA

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  12. Glam

    Glam Technically challenged beach blip.

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  13. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    From my address here to the address in Lake Charles, it's about 1 hour & 40 minutes away at around 94 miles one way.
    Trouble with that is, from what I've heard, there is no clear source to look at or consult with to see how anyone truly feels about vaping, much less who would actually support it once seated. I think, right now, there's a push to get Trump to realize that there is a lot more to the story than his "advisors" are telling him. The Media is mostly to blame for that. Then there's the CDC who still has not come out with a clear statement about what the cause of the illnesses and deaths is. It's clear that it was Illicit Cannabis (THC) Carriages, but they keep saying E-Cigarettes and Vaping. The CDC is even saying that some nicotine e-liquids are suspect.

    My Republican Senators and House Reps, in replies, seem to be recognizing that there is a difference, but I know that they cannot/will not commit to our kind of vaping until someone finally tells the whole truth... and it has to be done in a way that they can hear and accept. But by the time that actually happens, and then is fully absorbed and accepted by the public, including many vapers who stopped and went back to cigarettes, who knows how much of the E-cig Industry will be left.

    They (the Senators & Reps) still don't know the difference between a Juul and our nicotine vaping. They still don't know that Vapable Cannabis is something different altogether. They won't listen to us (because we are just obviously biased), they won't listen to England, the UK, or the EU, and they are ignoring or seeing bullet holes shot in any American Science they are presented. What's a Mother to do?
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
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  14. Glam

    Glam Technically challenged beach blip.

    Girlfriend called....and yakked for an hour. I love the woman...but :rolleyes:o_O:rollseyes:

    Now I am ready for nighty night. Sleep well everyone.:wub::wub::wub::wub::wub:
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  15. MRSpivey

    MRSpivey Faith, Hope, & Love...

    Good night Beachers
  16. Lisa66

    Lisa66 Read my blips

    Hi guys.

    Glam, glad things are looking up and you're out of the brace.

    Tink - I thought the same thing as Glam: $$$$$$$$$$$ but you'll but you'll be getting a nice break soon.

    VG - aging sucks. That's all. But as they say, it's better than the alternative. :)


    airplane.jpg california-511x580.jpg

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  17. tgcrna

    tgcrna Be good to yourself and kind to others...

    Have fun Lisa!!! :)
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  18. jj2

    jj2 Tiggergirl A blip in the Deplorable Basket Contest Organizer

    I almost said that not long ago. Figured I'd be jumped all over---you are my hero!!!

    House is quiet, and somewhat back to being normal. Now for a very quiet evening. :)

    Also got to get some info to son. Thinking about doing some upgrades on the innards of my laptop. Screen was replaced about a year ago and the keyboard at the most two years ago so in the end it will be like a new one. Almost.
  19. jj2

    jj2 Tiggergirl A blip in the Deplorable Basket Contest Organizer

    And I'm caught up and gonna scoot.

    Good night beach :) :wub:
  20. Reddhott

    Reddhott A reddhot mess of a blip! Contest Organizer

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